District 9820 Membership Report June 2022

Visits to Clubs
I presented a membership talk to Rotary Club of Maffra on 23/3/22. Their President has encouraged their local school to become a corporate member and a representative now attends each meeting.
They have spoken to each of their local shop owners but have found they are much younger, focussed on rebuilding their businesses and the current style of Rotary meetings doesn’t appeal. I suggested a business of the month award. A photo opportunity and chance to promote their business is an easy way to continue contact the local business owners. It’s important to continue the conversations.
The temptation is to give up and say, “well they are not interested”. I think businesses will appreciate your club and the work that you do. In addition, Rotary provides many opportunities such as MUNA or YEP and this may ignite their interest.  
While I was there, we inducted a new member who is well known for her community work. Community leaders can be a source of new members as they are already motivated to make a difference to their community.
Farm World – Lardner Park Gippsland
We are aware that Rotary clubs have difficulties promoting themselves. The membership team in District 9820 has begun taking opportunities to take our message to where people gather.
We recently went to Farm World and used our new membership lens cloth for spectacles as a brochure.  
Rotary International Women’s Day Breakfast
We used our new membership banners to promote Rotary to over 300 people who attended from a variety of business, community, and school leaders on the Mornington Peninsula. Everyone received a lens cloth for their spectacles.
Helping Clubs
Our new style membership banners were paid with funding from RI and have have been used at the District Conference where we had a membership stand sharing with LGBTQ + fellowship. This created some interest with other clubs wanting to have their own banners to use when they are out doing programs. Rotary Club of Sorrento borrowed the banners to use at their Polio film night.
Our District PETS and Assembly was on the 30th of April. Membership was high on the agenda and we had Barbara Mifsud attending. A session including table talks was slotted for the Assembly on the Sunday.
Next District Membership Chair – Grant Godino
Welcome to Grant Godino who will be taking over the Membership Chair in 2022/23 as I move into the DGE role.
I have just returned from the International Convention with Jennifer Jones messages about DEI and caring for our club members.
We see membership as the major focus for our District and my active support in promoting and assisting the membership team will continue. As Rotarians we need to be proud of our clubs and not be afraid to ask people who have the same values and desires to help change to world into a better place and enjoy meeting new people.
D9820 FOUNDATION Report June 2022
Polio update
To date, there are 8 recorded cases of wild polio. This is a fantastic figure, but the work has not yet been completed. A breakthrough occurred between the Taliban and polio vaccination teams and the Taliban will allow vaccinations to take place. This will certainly help with our fight to End Polio.
Giving to the Foundation
Many clubs have been contacting me in relation to giving to our Foundation. When they navigate to the website, they can only find how to give via credit card, which causes some concern.
Below are details on how to do a bank transfer.
Navigate to: My Foundation
Scroll down to: Guides
Click on link to: Bank transfer instructions
Sir Clem Renouf Club
We now have our first Sir Clem Renouf club in our District. Rotary Club of Casey generously donated $26.00 for each club member to the End Polio fund. They have also made a generous donation to the Annual fund.
I personally thank Rotary Club of Casey. It is because of clubs like this, that makes me confident that we will end the fight against Polio and that we will be able to continue to support clubs and communities in their service projects.
District 9820 giving to Foundation
For the past 2 years, our District has shown a small growth in giving to our Foundation's annual fund. I would like to thank everyone for supporting the work that our Foundation does. By giving today, we can support your club projects that support your communities in the future.
Unfortunately, our overall giving is down. Can I urge everyone to find that little bit extra from the club or personal giving to increase our impact?
Peace scholarship
Our District was approached to see if we could help sponsor a peace scholarship this year. Both myself and District Governor Bill were approached by Murrey Verso from District 9800 to see if we could assist with sponsoring a candidate. District Governor Bill was more than happy to help support this person. Past District Governor Charlie Speirs immediately sprang into action to make the necessary grant application. Our timeline was short. Thank you, Charlie for making this happen. We look forward to hearing from our sponsored applicant upon completion of the scholarship
Give Every Child a Future
It great to advise that our District has supported the Rotary program ‘Give Every Child a Future’. This program needed funds to continue their vaccination program across nine Pacific Islands. We were able to donate $20,000.00 from our District Designate Foundation program.
To find out more, click on the link:  
Your support for our Foundation is crucial. Without your support, our impact globally will only diminish. District grants for clubs is a fantastic way your District supports your community projects, for us to continue to support your communities, we need your support. Please give to our Foundation.
Can we find
before June 30th?
This will beat last year's giving!!
Rotary Global Rewards, our member benefits program, offers discounts on products and services from local and global
merchants, along with opportunities to give back to Rotary. 

Over 33,000 members have signed in to use Rotary Global Rewards. To raise awareness of this program, you can:
  1. Recommend Rotary Global Rewards to all club members. They can visit www.rotary.org/globalrewards from a computer or download the Rotary Club Locator App to use the program on mobile devices.
  2. Post a "Rewards" link to www.rotary.org/globalrewards on your club and district websites. This gives members easier access to Rotary Global Rewards.
  3. Encourage club members to post offers on Rotary Global Rewards. 
  4. Suggest that club members help the program grow in their communities by asking local merchants to post offers. 
You can find instructional videos, how-to-guides, and promotional materials on the Rotary Global Rewards page of My Rotary.  If you have any questions about the program, write to rotaryglobalrewards@rotary.org