This week Rotary Club of Mitchell River Past Presidents Bernie Farquhar and Michael Nelson took delivery of the Rotary Fire Aid Trailer from Jayco Gippsland. Paul Jayco handed over the amenities trailer that was built from the ground up in Jayco’s Bairnsdale workshop and reflects the professional quality of their work and commitment to supporting the work done by Rotary in the East Gippsland community.
The trailer is for the East Gippsland Rotary Fire Aid  Cluster and will be providing clean safe amenities for working bees and tree planting as we rebuild East Gippsland. 
 The trailer contains 2 separate ensuites, a laundry area and a small storage/control room.  
 Providing clean safe amenities for working bees and tree planting as we rebuild East Gippsland.  
 A special note of thanks and acknowledgement to Rotarian Bernie whose idea it was to source such an asset and his tireless energy that saw it come to fruition. 
The Rotarians for Bees are pleased to announce that two schools in District 9820 were awarded $500 vouchers for Pollinator gardens at the 2021 Victorian Schools Gardens Program awards. These schools were Flinders Christian Community College and Newhaven College.  Congratulations!
For information about the Victorian Schools Gardens Program click here
The most remote Club is Papeete,Tahiti, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
The southernmost Club is Base Marambio Antartida in Antarctica.
The northernmost Club is Barrow, Alaska, above the Arctic Circle.  
The highest Club is El Aguilar, Argentina, 4,880 meters above sea level.
The lowest Club is El Centro, California, USA,12.2 meters below sea level.