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The Centenary Countdown has begun  

It's a special time. Rotary in Australia and New Zealand (NZ) celebrates the First 100 of Service in 2021.

In 1921, Four Rotary Clubs were created in Melbourne, Auckland, Wellington and Sydney. From there, Rotary and Rotaract clubs were created everywhere across Australia and NZ. We all share a a centenary in 2021. We can come together and create a common legacy. Think about the impact we can make!

It's the time to discover what is the best way to mark the occassion! And create a legacy that propels Rotary into the next century of service. this is so important - we will not have another chance in our lifetime!

We have a plan to make people aware, capture ideas of what we can do and enlist willing players in a part of history. We have  constructed a toolkit of help Rotary leader to help build that story. Join us by visiting our website and viewing our introductory video at https://www.rotary100downunder.com/ or you can join us on Facebook. Facebook @ Rotary100 Down Under.



If there is one thing that our current circumstances have shown is our resilience and ability to adapt to circumstance. Who would have thought a year ago we we would running a virtual District Assembly? Well we did!
Congratulations to all those who put together a number of terrific sessions. And, for your viewing pleasure and edification please see their sessions in all there glory on youtube. Thank you Rob for getting all this organised.   
District Assembly Session
Recording Link
Full Plenary Session
Guest Speaker Mark Huddleston: Creatures of Habit
Guest Speaker Trudy Grice: RI’s Online Resources
Guest Speaker Sam Camporeale: Rotary Foundation
President Training
Secretary Training
Treasurer Training
Public Image
Community & Vocation
Insurance & Youth Protection
Youth Programs
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Clubs should know that the Department of Consumer Affairs (Vic) requires all incorporated bodies to have their constitutions registered as a matter of law. 
We are aware that many clubs have not updated these since the Council on Legislation in 2016 and 2019.    David Whiting – solicitor of D9800 has been good enough to provide these and the process documents to all Clubs in Victoria for free.
We urge your club to take advantage of this great offer to bring your Constitution and By Laws in line with those of Rotary International if you have not done already.
Here is the complete set which includes the explanation and documents required for clubs to complete the process of adopting the new Constitution and Bylaws.  
Updating your club constitution and by-laws
The short version:
1. Your club board approves the constitution and by-laws (with or without modification from the attached drafts).
2. The board directs the holding of a special general meeting for the purpose of considering and voting upon the adoption of the constitution and by-laws.
3. The Secretary sends a notice of the meeting and appropriate supporting documentation to each member.
4. The meeting is held, and two resolutions are put before the meeting and passed.
5. Consumer Affairs Victoria is advised of the changes to you Constitution (By Laws not required).
We wish to acknowledge David Whiting and his contribution to all Rotary clubs in Victoria.   The large volume of work to complete the updates, consult with Paramatta and then complete the package took several months and many weeks and months of personal effort to complete and it is being provided free of charge to all Rotary clubs across the state.