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What is REVEAL?
  • It is a  home grown district 9820 membership project to support clubs who desire to grow their membership numbers and health.
  • It is an ongoing conversation with some of your leadership team
    • recommend President, President Elect, President Nominee and Membership Chair
  • To empower you to develop your club to be even more effective and generate new members
How it works
  • It is about you! – Your club, your context, your goals and your context (one size does not fit all)
  • We will get alongside you to support you to set some goals, strategize, discover insights and next steps for your club
  • It’s about action – your action
  • Each session you will determine a few action steps - you may be surprised how quickly you progress towards your goal
  • Each time we catch up we will review how you went. What went well, what you might ‘tweak’ and what is next
  • Each session will be via Zoom – an online meeting (a simple computer platform where the facilitator will send you a link)
What it isn’t
  • It’s not training – in training the trainer sets the agenda.
  • For this process you set the agenda
  • Its not authoritarian – we will be supportive, but you will be in control. The responsibility to decide and act is up to you
What is our hope
  • We hope there may be significant changes
  • Better clarity and insight for your club to move forward
  • Simple goals are set
  • More members in your club – enabling your club to create lasting change and make a difference in your community and throughout the world
Attached is the Reveal document 'Rotary Club Preliminary Consultation Information' I am sure you will gain insight and value for your club by taking up this offer.
Membership Development
District Membership Development

Rotary Club of Anytown
Rotary International President has stated that keeping Rotary relevant and thriving into our second century while continuing to enhance our members’ lives takes a willingness to be innovative, seek out diversity, and adapt to changing needs.
During August and September we are planning to run Workshop number one in several locations across the District. This workshop will be focused on your club as it is today. We will be looking at how Foundation, Public Image and Public relations form the corner stone of your club membership. We aim to provide you with some tools to help engage with your community so you can grow Rotary.
Check out the 3 buttons below, these simple surveys will help you on your way in understanding how to engage your club members and communities.
Please note that the Membership Committee is ready to assist any Club that needs help either facilitating a review or putting together a Membership Plan to grow and strengthen your Club.
Linda Humphries
District 9820 – Membership Chair
M: 0417 300 335