International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians​ Membership Drive July 2014

The Yachting Fellowship is the oldest Rotary Fellowship having been launched in the waters of Britain in 1947.  The International Bridge currently comprises a World Commodore from Italy, a Vice Commodore from The Philippines and an Argentinian Rear
 Commodore all who occupy their office for a two year period before moving up in succession.
Fleets across the world comprise at least 75% active Rotarians whose only need is to have an active interest in boating (be it from kayak to large yacht/motor boat) and while they do not need to be boat owners, a fleet with boats adds considerably to fellowship outings and activities.
There are Fleets in each Australian State with Victoria having two.  The Victoria Fleet currently covers the Port Philip and Westernport Bay regions while the Gippsland Lakes Fleet accommodates members generally from Sale eastwards to the NSW border as well as a few residing between Berwick and Sale. Rotarians from across the State are eligible to join either of these Fleets and potential members from unique waterways regions such as Eildon and the Murray River may possibly become a Squadron under the Victoria Fleet’s banner.
The Gippsland Lakes Fleet membership costs which include annual registration with the International Fellowship, is $25 per annum.This fleet recently celebrated 21 years formation.
Individual Fleets centred on a particular region allow fellowship events to be undertaken without the need for long distance travel. However the coordination of events provides for greater fellowship and with this in mind, at least one annual event is organised to encourage members of all three fleets to attend.  The Tasmanian Fleet, recently chartered on 9th June with 37 members, iscoordinatingan eventin Hobart during the Australian Wooden Boat Festival in February 2015.
All three fleets are seeking new members in keeping with the IYFR’s membership expansion of 11% over the last 12 months.  In Tasmania, the new Fleet is particularly seeking members from North and East Coast Rotary Clubs, while Victoria’s Gippsland Fleet membership is generally drawn from Rotary Clubs easterly from and including Sale and the Lakes region. The Victoria Fleet caters for Rotarians from Melbourne suburban Clubs, Westernport, the Mornington Peninsula, Geelong Region and other regional areas.
If you are interested in becoming a Yachting Mariner of the Gippsland Fleet then please contact Commodore John Crawford at: or by phone:03 5153-2897. I may also be contacted for fellowship enquiries relating to the Victoria Fleet and other regions at: phone on: 0410583532.We welcome your interest and look forward to your participation.
Fair winds and smooth sailing
PP/PHF Bill Chapman                                                                                                      12th July 2014
Regional Commodore
Victoria and Tasmanian Region