Hello everyone,
True to my word! This month there has been plenty of input from clubs around this awesome District. I have been wanting to write - 'Sorry, not much from the Governor this month, because the awesome clubs and programs in our District are showcasing what they have been doing!!!' 
So,      just a couple of important messages.

District Grants training
Summer is definitely winding down. That means it is safe to start thinking about autumn and even winter Rotary projects. While we technically still have a couple months to plan, ideas need to start flowing earlier this year within your committees. 
There may be strong competition for District grants in 2021 since plans got so out of whack last year with the pandemic. The sooner you can come up with ideas and plan your grant projects (without starting them), the better prepared you will be to create a good grant application. 
Make sure someone from your club has attended the District Grant Training Seminar (someone from your club must attend each year). Consider sending someone new to the grant training this year - just food for thought.  The online training grants will run
Sunday, 11th April 2021
1st Seminar -        9.00 am
Register in advance for this meeting:
2nd Seminar -      11.00 am
Register in advance for this meeting:
3rd Seminar -       5.00 pm
Register in advance for this meeting:
4th Seminar -       7.00 pm
Register in advance for this meeting:

Membership VIP Champions 
Next year Linda Humphries will be heading up our District Membership team. She will be looking for each club to appoint a membership champion and also each of our Clusters will be required to have a champion to work with the clubs to assist in developing strategies, planning for attracting and retaining members. Luckily, she knows District Governor Andy Rajapaksa and will be studying his success very closely. Starting with a brainstorming event hopefully at a weekend retreat she wants to put together a plan that we all have input to and have ownership. It’s no longer someone else’s concern because in our wonderful and unique District we are at a crisis point but we have great opportunities to develop solutions.
Being a Rotarian has responsibilities, it is our greatest privilege to share our talents, pool our resources to serve communities in need. Our dedication to this ideal is expressed in our principal motto service above self .  We owe it to our friends, partners and acquaintances to introduce them to our wide world of service and friendships. We will look for opportunities to reinvigorate existing clubs and develop new style clubs that will suit all ages and lifestyles and welcome like-minded people to our Rotary world.

Stuck for words? 
Try the Leadership Development courses in Rotary Learning Centre
Offering a unique opportunities to develop those  speech and presentation skills  we are happy to share new online courses that members can access to enhance their presentation skills. As part of Rotary's alliance with Toastmasters, the first two courses in our new leadership and communication series are now available in the Learning Centre:
Develop a speech - Learn how to organize a speech that leaves a lasting impression on your audience.  Video < Click Here >
Deliver a speech - Explore and practice the effect your voice and body language can have when giving a speech.
these courses were developed by Toastmasters International. They include assignments to help you put your new skills into practice and peer evaluations to help you grow through collaboration.   Video < Click Here >
Watch the videos to learn more and share with district and club leaders to use during a club meeting for personal and professional development.

Conference - Book NOW
Conference will be in 2 parts, Virtual Multi District Conference & Our single District 9820 get together
Book for the Virtual conference http://rotaryconference.org.au 1st & 2nd May
Bookings essential for our District 9820 get together more information below