Posted by Kerrie Schmidt District Community and Vocational Chair
The Chairman of the Emergency Services Foundation (ESF), Tony Pearce will walk through many  areas of Victoria  afflicted by fires and other disasters over the last two years, commencing on September 28. The aim is to raise interest and funding for the programs that support the ESF. Their objective is to initiate innovative preventative and educational programs to sustain the mental wellbeing of  over 100,000 volunteers after the traumas they experienced responding to emergencies in our communities.
Tony's journey of 1440km will take over 54 days.  Ambulance Victoria, CFA, Vic Police, DEWLP and SES all working to support the ESF in fundraising.  
Districts 9800, 9810 and 9820 are coordinating activities. For more information
Tony's itinerary can be viewed and printed here: