Source Data:  Victoria Dept. of Health and Human Services
Coronavirus update for Victoria - 23 June 2020
“This is the seventh consecutive day of double-digit case growth in Victoria, with a continuing and concerning number of new cases associated with transmission in households and families” Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Professor Brett Sutton said.
“As a consequence, the Victorian Government has announced a tightening of the rules and has reduced the number of visitors you can have in your home to five. Outside of the home, people can now gather in groups of up to 10 only.
“This move is important to keeping our community safe and to ensure COVID-19 does not get away from us. We do not want Victoria to suffer like many major cities around the world who have been devastated by the severe impacts of COVID-19.
Don’t take this disease lightly. if you feel unwell with any symptoms of coronavirus, however mild, you should stay home and get tested. If you have any fever, chills, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose, and loss of sense of smell or taste - stay home, don’t go in to work and don’t visit friends and family. Get tested and stay at home until you get the result.
“It also remains critical to practice good hygiene in and outside the home – wash your hands regularly, cough and sneeze into a tissue or your elbow and try to avoid touching your face.
Stay 1.5 metres away from anyone you don’t live with and avoid crowds, especially indoors. If you can keep working from home – you must keep working from home.
“By practicing these common-sense behaviours we can help keep ourselves, our families and communities safe.”