DfG distribution in the Annapurna region of Nepal at Dana Secondary School.
Many Days for Girls (DfG) teams in Australia have committed to supply DfG kits to refugee women and girls around the globe. The estimate for this year’s contribution from Australia is 14,000 kits. World Vision Canada has teamed up with DfG Australia to collect and distribute kits to women and girls in Somalia. This will build on to the 2019 Refugee Project when kits were distributed in Somalia as well as the Sudan, Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon and Afghanistan. DfG aims to shatter stigma around menstruation through education. Kit distributions are never made without the excellent education program being delivered. Access to timely, factual information about puberty and menstruation can lead to increased body literacy and a healthy public perception of menstruation and decreased stigma and shame. And perhaps the most important effect of this program is the impact on education of girls who are able to manage their menstruation and attend school regularly.
I am the Team Leader of the Far East Gippsland team. We will transport over 400 kits to Melbourne airport ready for transport overseas in September. The East Gippsland team will also contribute to the Refugee Project, making the contribution from Eastern Victoria quite substantial. If you are aware of any other groups who have supported this Refugee Project, please let me know so that we can include them in a future report to District 9820.
I am very happy to visit your club and present information regarding the Days for Girls project.
Ula Sheather
District 9820 Representative
Days for Girls
PH: 0409568649