December is Rotary Family Month and a great time to reflect on our lives, families and communities. As Rotarians we also have a chance to reflect on the goals we set for the 2014-2015 year, consider how we are progressing against those goals and whether the community is becoming a “better” place because of our efforts. In some cases it is a time for joy and a ”pat on the back” that we have positively affected someone, been an encouragement or made improvements but in other areas we may feel our efforts could be increased or our plans reviewed for their suitability. In the end, the main focus should be on achieving the goals that will make  a difference and put them at the forefront of our time and efforts. However, I continue to be encouraged and enthused as I see the myriad of tasks, fundraisers and uses to which funds are put in order to Light up Rotary in our communities. 
We have some exciting events coming up in the New Year with plans to celebrate the 110th Birthday of Rotary on the 15th February (a week earlier than the actual date of 23rd February) with lunch at Pakenham
which will include the Chartering of another Rotaract Club in the District (Casey-Cardinia). What a great way to celebrate Rotary’s founding, with a group of young enthusiastic adults, seeking to create traditions of their
own as Rotaractors and hopefully one day as Rotarians.
The other major focus is the District Conference in Shepparton on the27th – 29th March, with planning well advanced. We are now looking to encourage more cyclists to join the Ride to Conference, golfers to put
their skills to the test on Friday and those who wish for something different, may consider  joining the winery tour, also on Friday. A great range of speakers is locked in and the Centenary of ANZAC on Saturday afternoon promises to be a celebration of service to the community and a remembrance of those who have gone before to make the world a better place. So line up and get registered for a great weekend  of inspiration, fellowship and fun.
I began this message with a reflection and end it by sending you all a Christmas greeting as we take time with family to share the precious gift God gave us all. As Rotarians we give of ourselves to improve the life journey of others.  At Christmas time, remember to celebrate family, take time to be thankful and look forward to a great year in 2015
Happy Christmas to all,      DG Charlie