Posted by David Clark - Rotary Australia Repurposing Equipment (RARE) National Manager
Hi All
I hope you have already been told about the new name for DIK or HEERA but if not?
At the RAWCS Board meeting last month, it was decided to accept the change of name from DIK (Donation in Kind) which is a registered name owned by West Footsgrave and HEERA (Health Education Repurposing Activity) A bit of a mouth full to:
RARE (Rotary Australia Repurposing Equipment)
Please stop using DIK and HEERA and if you have to please use the word formally in front of the name and the say Now,  Rotary Australia Repurposing Equipment (RARE)
Medishare is a program concentrating on partnering with the health departments in NSW to obtain medical equipment and for them to have RAWCS as their first point of contact.  
Can you please let all clubs and everyone know of this name change as it is very confusing for people to call the same activity with different names?
I thank you for your co-operation in this very important name change.
PDG David Clark JP
Rotary Australia Repurposing Equipment (RARE) National Manager
A project of RAWCS
District 9685 Governor 2021/22
Rotary Club of Blackheath NSW
For further information about RARE, click on the link.