Dear DAA Friends,
After a tough couple of years due to the Pandemic we are starting to move out of survival mode and into planning for the future.
This has been helped by considerable amount of funds received in the last three months of this financial year which has meant our income for the year is just over $290,000.
This income means we are now able to commence work on the following two ‘Safe Water for Every Child’ projects in the Philippines; Bangsamoro Health and Peace, and Mindanao Safe Water. For these two projects we have received sponsorship for a total of 15 SkyHydrants with the first 10 units due to be sent out in July.
Five of the units have been sponsored by a $25,000 grant obtained Perpetual Impact Philanthropy, the first time we have been successful in a philanthropic grant application.
Our reserves are also now starting to recover which means we will have funds to respond quickly to the next humanitarian disaster that occurs
Aid delivery
The last 7 SkyHydrants for the Bhutan 2020 project were prepared for sending. (Although they were not picked up until the 6th July)
We are currently still holding $9,000 on behalf of DA Europe while they work with their contacts in the Ukraine to determine the local requirements. This may be sent as SkyHydrants or funds for local purchase.
Max Bird, from WA has completed an installation in a Timor Leste Orphanage.
We handed over a SkyHydrant to Safe Water for Every Child Myanmar for their assistance to the Karen people.
DAA promotional activities 
We hosted a visit by Julian Hill  the Federal Member for Dandenong to make him aware of the aid being delivered from his electorate.
With the Rotary International Annual Convention to be held in Melbourne in May 2023 we are starting to plan for that event.
Guest speaker events and Vocational visits 
  1. We hosted Vocational Visits to our Office for 2 Rotary Clubs.
  2. Presented as guest speaker at a Rotary Club
  1. Our principal web and facebook activities was based on encouraging donations before the end of the Tax, and Rotary years.
With COVID restrictions much reduced we are planning training with the first session on SkyHydrants planned for July 23rd
  1. Working on preparing for end of financial year.
  2. We continue to develop our use of Supporter Hub
  3. Refining our Bhutan SkyHydrant Database
  4. Submitting BAS statements.
  5. Compiling information for 2022-3 SkyHydrant Projects in Philippines
  6. Liaison with supporters
SkyJuice has expressed an interest in our GEM Rapid Response Kits and ordered 5 of the GEM Units (Sales of the units generates a profit which goes into our aid budget) We have also assembled a SkyHydrant Max RRP.
 Dates for your diary
Disaster Aid Australia Conference 12th November.