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30th October 2022 approximately 100 people walked for ‘End Polio Now’. Zone 8 convention in Canberra was in full swing when Foundation Vice Chair Larry Lunsford got to his feet and proceeded to the podium. Larry proceeded to tell us some interesting statistics about Polio fundraising.  As we all know, Rotary target $50,000,000.00 and then Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation top up with $100,000,000.00, making a total of $150,000,000.00 towards the eradication of Polio. Fact, so far this year, 391,000,000 yes 391 Million doses of the vaccine has been distributed from last years $150M. 
Did you know the cost of a single dose is approximately $0.20? 
After the conference was over, about 100 people walked and rolled for Polio! The walk for Polio campaign this year has raised $48,000.00. How many polio vaccinations is that? You do the maths. You will remember District Governor Elect Linda’s centennial baton project, Linda took a baton to Canberra specifically for the walk. President Elect Gordon McInally launched the walk by passing the baton onto Past District Governor Grant Hocking. It was a great sight to see 100 people walking the streets of Canberra. Dressed in bright red End Polio Now tee shirts All passionate people wanting to eradicate Polio. It was exciting to think, I was a part of that. I have made a difference. I have changed someone’s life!
We have heard several time this year about out breaks, we have heard thanks polio fragments have been found in sewerage waste way in several countries this year. These countries include, United Kingdom and the United States. Did you know what that in some area of Australia they are also testing waste water?
Polio is only one plane ride away! We must and we will finish what we have started!
Has your club donated to the Polio fund this year? Do you know about the Sir Clemm Renouff club?
Do you want to eradicate polio? YES well how much are you going to donate and how much will your club donate to the eradication of polio?