Posted by Peter Sindrey AG Gippsland
Fiji School Rebuild – East Gippsland Cluster Gives A Helping Hand
Many readers would be aware of the loss of the Dreketi School on Qamea Island in Fiji.  The school was subjected to a category 5 Cyclone Winston, and a series of landslides which resulted in the destruction of the whole facility. The Fijian economy had been hit with the impact of Covid on the nation and financial support was scarce to fund a rebuild of the school. The result was that three (3) years later, the island’s 50 students continue to be educated in a temporary building, resembling a ‘chook shed’ more than a classroom.
Rotarians Peter & Helene Brown, from the Rotary Club of Taveuni Island, have embarked on a mission to help in two important ways.  Firstly Peter, a professional builder, has postponed retirement to provide hands-on management support for the project using local experienced labour and contractors (also a boost for the local economy). And, importantly, Peter & Helene have embarked on a mission to raise the funds needed to construct a new facility capable of meeting student needs, and also suitable to provide shelter for the village during future cyclones. Costs have been accurately determined to be $A150,000 (equivalent of $225,000 FJD) and amazing donations have already been received from lots of organisations, mainly Rotary Clubs in Victoria.  The financial situation is that the project is $10,000 short of reaching the target to complete the project. I am delighted to confirm that the six (6) Rotary Clubs in the East Gippsland Cluster have now jointly donated $5,200, making the final target even closer to reaching the goal of having the new facility a reality. There has been many Rotary Clubs in Victoria and other Districts which have made substantial donations to this very worthy cause – 25 Clubs at last count, including the latest donation from the East Gippsland Cluster.
Just image how great it would be to see the final target reached so that building works can commence. A fantastic example of Rotary In Action.
Peter Sindrey, Assistant Governor, East Gippsland Cluster