Our District’s Emergency Management Committee was concerned about the significant floods in the Windsor, Richmond area of District 9685 and transferred $5,000 to the District Flood Appeal. Many people were inundated four times during the past 18 months, the worst (highest level) being in June this year.
This $5000 donation was was directed to two families. At $2,500 each this meant significant repairs to electrical and/or structural elements of their family home.
Two families benefited from this donation:
  1. A family in Lower Portland: They are currently living in a shed on their property as their house undergoes radical structural correction. Their house, which was inundated several times over the past 18 months, the worst being this past June, has now been lifted 2m. This brings the living area about the worst of the floods. The funds received will go towards the rebuild and is very much appreciated.
  2. A family in Ebeneezer: They are now back living in the house, many think they are crazy, but it is their home and the money granted will help fix some immediate plumbing issues that have plagued them since the June flood. 
    They thanked Rotary for their support and assistance.