Article submitted by DGE Mark Humphries (Excerpt from Mt. Eliza’s Bulletin)
We made it; International Assembly has been run. A week of activities, long days and some very entertaining nights were had by all. You really do see Rotary in a different light.
Linda’s program was almost as busy as mine with many great activities and highlights along the way.
Rotary International President Elect (RIPE), Holger Knaak, has 4 main key points he would like Rotary clubs and Rotarians to focus on, one of those being how we as club make Rotary membership memorable.
All clubs need to look closely at themselves and see what they are doing. Are they making membership memorable? 
RIPE Holger Knaak is also encouraging every club across the world to have at least one club meeting annually, where they look strategically at what they are doing and then realign.
We will be home soon and back to work, but planning for the year ahead will continue.