Posted by Kay McCauley, District 9820 Interplast Chair
This year, Interplast’s volunteer surgical and healthcare teams are once again preparing to travel to developing nations across the Pacific to deliver life-changing surgery and care. 
Since 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has restricted Interplast to remote support for clinicians and patients in developing nations, for the first time since Rotary co-founded Interplast in 1983. Over the past 2 years, Interplast has reached thousands of clinicians across 35 countries with essential training, as well as sending vital equipment and funds to hospitals desperate for resources.
But now our focus is turning back to mobilising teams.
There are adults and children living with debilitating but treatable conditions – cancer, burns, congenital defects, and traumatic injuries. They have been forced to live with disability and stigma, waiting for Interplast teams to visit again.
In 2022, other patients in desperate need like Rockson was, (pictured before and after his Interplast surgeries), will once again be able to access free, life-changing, surgical care from an Interplast team.
If you or your Rotary Club would like to support Interplast's life-changing work, or would like to organise an Interplast presentation to your club, please contact District 9820 Interplast District Chair Kay McCauley at