Article submitted by PP Eric Neill – Rotary Club of Frankston North
The Rotary Club of Frankston North was approached in mid-2019 to assist parents and teachers in building a Chook House and Fox-proof Fencing in an area at Kananook Primary School. 
The project proceeded with an Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU), as a shared project with the school and an application for a $2,000 District Grant was applied for and granted.
Many working bees were held over a 2 month period, including teachers, parents and students to clear the area, install Chook House, fences and fox proofing.
The area will be maintained by Students and Parents with rosters being set up for maintenance and the daily release of chooks from the hen house and the return to house at night. It will be educational for the students learning about how to care and handle for chooks, as well as being used as a petting area for students with some seats being installed.
The grand opening was held at school on 13th December 2019 with the cutting of the ribbon done by President David Cahill of the Rotary Club of Frankston North and Kananook Primary School Council President Jim.