We Rotarians in Lakes Entrance are the same as everyone else – we will be delighted when we finally have a little more freedom.  In the meantime, we take every opportunity we get to celebrate almost anything we can.  And this year is no different.
Each year, on the Wednesday before the AFL Grand Final, we meet to celebrate, commiserate, brag, and to demonstrate our deep knowledge of all matters football … or, in my case, to demonstrate my lack of deep knowledge of all matters football.
We refused to be beaten this year, so we held our annual AFL party again.  However, by following current ‘rules’ to the exact letter, it meant that arrangements were a little unusual.  Most importantly, numbers were restricted to a first-come-first-served basis, to meet Covid limits.
It was sad that we could not have the whole team with us this year.  But, on the other hand, the chance to meet face-to-face with at least some of our friends for the first time in months, was fantastic.
We cannot wait to get back to having full, open meetings where all our members can join us, along with our Friends of Rotary for our special events.  We also miss the passing parade of visiting Rotarians who travel on holidays to our lovely township, and visit us at our Club meetings.
We have two Rotarians-in-waiting that we are planning to induct at the first opportunity, and we also have a couple of other new residents in our sights.  We have work to be done and we are eager to progress, just as soon as the world is unlocked.
In time, this once in a lifetime experience will all be a distant past.  In the meantime, like everyone, please be careful.