ROMAC (Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children) is proud to announce Mrs Margie Abbott has accepted the position of Patron for our Rotary Australia & New Zealand wide life-giving charity. Margie Abbott, wife of Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, is well known for her caring approach to children.
ROMAC Patron MRs Margie Abbott with baby Fitzpatrick Unga‏ and mum Freda at Canberra Hospital. 
As a former trained teacher and directly involved with childcare centres in Sydney, Mrs Margie Abbott is well qualified to understand the challenges that babies and children face who require life-saving and/or dignity restoring surgery. ROMAC provides ‘life-giving’ surgery for children from our nearest neighbouring countries including Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, PNG, Timor Leste and more. Mrs Margie Abbott made it very clear that her role as Patron was on condition she made a positive difference and that her involvement would ensure even more children would benefit. Already she has visited a child and is planning a function for ROMAC at Kirribilli House to raise the awareness and support for the life-giving work provided by ROMAC.
ROMAC has been in operation for over 25 years. Rotarians volunteer their time and expertise to run this Rotary program that encompasses all the Districts of Australia and New Zealand. Assisted by many eminent Australian and New Zealand surgeons, who generously donate their time free for the treatment of our patients, this humanitarian program has provided over 400 children from more than 20 developing countries with urgent medical treatment that has given them new hope. Further information contact District 9820 ROMAC Chair, Di Double, Rotary Club of Berwick.