Article submitted by Roger Thornton - D9820 'Donations in Kind' Chair 
Rotarians are much better at doing things than telling people about them.  What sort of plaque do you put on a new school, who do you thank and what language should you use? 
The Education Department in Timor Leste have made it easy for us and have invited Rotary to use these colours on all of the schools we build and renovate.  They want to make it easy for everyone to know of the great support Rotary is providing.  We also need to highlight we are not doing this on our own.  We have some great external partners on this project and without their help it could not happen.
Belola Early Learning Centre
It started with the first school we helped build, the Belola Early Learning Centre which opened early this year.  It combining preschool and grades one and two. It was fully equipped with furniture from 'Donations In Kind'.  There was no school in the area and students could only start school when they was strong enough to walk 5km up a steep hill.
The new Railuli Primary School open last month.  It replaced a small tin shed with no water or toilets. This is a life changing event for the small community at the end of a dirt track 4km from the Indonesian border.
The original tin shed
The new Railuli Primary School
We have just signed the contact for our next school the new Falowai Primary School, which will replace a condemned building in another remote community.  The old school is one of the ones built when the new country was formed; a time when there material supplies were limited and few tradesmen were available.
This RAWCS Project highlights what we can achieve if Clubs work together, with support from the Rotary Foundation, 'Donations In Kind' and great external partners. 
This project will also continue to support the Dental Clinic we helped to build, the local hospital and improve water supply and quality. 
There is plenty to do and more partners are always welcome.