Posted by Rob Byrne
This year’s Polio Movie Event has been scheduled to start later than usual—from 2nd December.  
  • “a ridiculously charming British comedy” and “stranger-than-fiction true story”
  • with two very popular stars—Jim Broadbent and Helen Mirren.
  • Rotary has a three-week pre-release window—it’s not open to the general public until Boxing Day.
  • Check out the trailer.
Apart from fun and fundraising, this year’s event also provides an opportunity to help your local cinema to recover from the pandemic.  The amount paid to the cinema would not normally be less than $10 per seat and a typical ticket price might be $20.
To arrange an event, talk to the group booking person at your cinema and make sure they plan to offer this movie to the public.  The cinema can then make all the arrangements to source the movie from the distributor, Transmission Films—there’s no need for clubs to get involved in that.
To assist you in promoting the event, we’ve created a template that your club can use to create your own marketing materials:
It’s a PowerPoint file—simply insert your club name and event details and:
  • save it as a PDF and arrange for your local printer to produce posters and handouts
  • save it as a graphics file and post it to your social media, website, newsletter, etc.
It would be great if you could arrange showings of THE DUKE in your community.  Let’s make this year’s Polio Movie Event a blockbuster—and End Polio Now!