Choosing a partner project is no easy task. Eventually, I decided to choose Polio “The End Game Strategy”.  It is a Rotary project and something I feel passionate about.
What influenced me were the speakers at the Rotary International Assembly, where I became inspired to become involved. I am also from a generation who have seen the devastating effects of polio.
“The End Polio Initiative” is now in its final stages, where it is known as “The End Game Strategy” 2013 -2023 by Rotary and its' Global partners. “The End Game Strategic Plan” provides a concrete timeline for the completion of Global Polio Eradication. Currently, only two countries along the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan are reporting cases of polio. Nigeria is very close to being declared Polio free.
It might seem unusual for me to choose “The End Polio Initiative” when so much is being done, has been done and many clubs already give to Polio Plus. My partner project isn’t to be confused with what clubs are already doing. This is additional, “The complete eradication of polio”.
“The Polio End Game” is the final push to secure a world free of all polio viruses.

Action on the post eradication era is in progress, funds are needed now more than ever. My question is “What extra can your club do to help eradicate polio by joining Polio “The End Game”?
World Polio Day is on 24th October, so why not hold a Polio – “End Game” activity in the month of October, to raise funds for this “Final Push”.
Hit the "Read More" link to access the download files: Ideas for mini Projects and Fundraising Ideas to support Polio.
*Funds should be sent to the District Secretary and tagged as DG Partner Programme.