Source: Nigel Cousins District 9820 RYLA Chair 2020-2021
To: Club Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers and Youth Directors.
I am excited to announce that our district will be delivering a 6 day RYLA Conference taking place from Monday 17th January to Saturday 22nd January 2022 inclusive, at Rawson Village, Rawson, Victoria, just north of Moe. This is where we held our last 2019 RYLA. 
Sponsorship will be $1049.00 per participant, with an early bird price of $949.00 if sponsorship is paid by 30th October 2021.
This year, our neighbouring clubs of District 9810 are joining us! We have formed a joint District Rotary RYLA Committee. This is a fantastic opportunity for RYLA.
Participants will be selected by Rotary clubs to attend RYLA. RYLA gives the opportunity for attendees to attend a leadership program that many of them could not afford without sponsorship.  Their role will be to engage with the RYLA program by: Applying for RYLA through you, or directly via the RYLA web site. However, only Rylarians sponsored by a Rotary Club or through a Rotary Club will be considered, (It may be that employers, or other organizations, would wish to fund the RYLA participant, but that funding must go through the sponsoring Rotary Club). There is a limit of 60 places. Attending the full six days of RYLA Monday 17th January to Saturday 22nd January inclusive. Full attendance is compulsory.  Attendance in the pre and post RYLA program, including activities with your club. Engagement in a Rotary RYLA project.
Please make provisions for RYLA into your 2021-2 club budget. Whilst you are most likely to find your own RYLA participant, we will also be seeking suitable candidates across the district on your behalf. If you haven’t selected a candidate, it is extremely likely that your club will be asked to interview and sponsor a Rylarian. If, with Covid-19, you cannot afford RYLA this January, possibly you could work with your neighbouring or cluster clubs to share the sponsorship. We know that funds are very tight this year. As places are limited, your own candidates will receive priority. It would be great if you are able to let me know your club’s intentions. That way your RYLA Rotary Committee can support you more effectively!
Please start the search for new Rylarians and support our RYLA leaders with sponsorship. They are the key to making RYLA work and have demonstrated a long term commitment to Rotary.  Please join us in July for our RYLA launch. 
Thank you and best wishes,