Extract from a FaceBook post
On 9 June 2020, the Rotary Club of Bairnsdale club had it's hybrid changeover, a mixture of members present at their venue, the Bairnsdale Club, combined with Zoom attendees and videos from other non-attending members. Those present enjoyed the more intimate atmosphere in the actual room, but the Zoom attendees got a good coverage of the event.
Although there were a few hiccups before and during the meeting, it did not detract from the enjoyment of the occasion. New President Martin did a fantastic job of using several different devices, including WiFi on his phone, with Gillian operating and controlling (to a certain extent) from Queensland.
The club gave an enthusiastic welcome to new President Martin van Elst, who promised to lead the club forward during 2020-2021 encouraging a more youthful look and to continue on with the Club's many community projects. He introduced his board, who are all geared up to get the new year started.
Martin is the son of PP Gillian and this is the first time in the nearly 82 years of our club that a member has become President while a parent, who has also been a President of the club, is still an active member. We were trying to see if he was the youngest, but its a bit hard to get back 82 years.  However, here is a good chance that he is.
Gillian gave a short speech saying how proud she was of Martin taking up this very important role. The whole club is looking forward to what the following 12-months have in store.