Aussies Beating Mossies’
There is now a major mosquito danger within flood impacted communities. In order to provide some relief to affected communities, RAWCS has acquired thousands of mosquito repellent candles.
RAWCS has taken the initiative and distributed over 16,000 candles in Shepparton (VIC), Lismore (NSW), Parkes (NSW) and Gympie (QLD) with great effect. There are plans to distribute up to a further 25,000 candles in coming weeks.
Rotary Australia World Community Service Ltd (RAWCS) is also working to distribute brand new bed linen into the flood areas, which has been secured from a correction facility in the Northern Territory that was never opened.
And we are also supporting locals with Rotary volunteers who are assisting Government with distribution of donated goods, requests for support and information distribution.
Our National and State based fund raising continues to provide the necessary support for victims as the damage is determined and real needs identified.
Funds donated to the appeals are being used in the following ways:
  • Backing the projects and immediate assistance programs undertaken by local Rotarians in the flood zones.
  • Funding cash vouchers to help with the immediate needs of flood victims as well as supporting local businesses when the vouchers are spent in the impacted towns.
  • Assisting with temporary housing initiatives – already 16 housing pods have been supplied with a further 12 on their way.
  • Provision of new clothing and new bed linen.
  • Distribution of free mosquito repellent candles to help protect families from diseases carried by swarming mosquitos in the flood aftermath. The candles repel mosquitos for sixty hours, are odorless and normally retail for $16 each.
Donations can be made to our national fund, or can be directed to a number of regional appeals:
National Flood Appeal         

Victoria & border Areas