Source: Lynne Smythe
Even in stage 3 lockdown, Rotary can still play its part in the community. Before COVID-19 befell us, I was involved in a quilting group - Ladies of the Swamp - working out of Estelle Cadd’s Craft Quarters in Koo Wee Rup.

Every Friday we would come together and create quilts for charity (totally funded by ourselves).
This year we earmarked the East Gippsland Bushfire Relief as the recipients of our labours BUT who, how and where to deliver? Enter Rotary In Action -  with District Secretary Jane Moore’s email calling for warm goodies for the E.G Bushfire Committee to distribute  - here was the answer. A few phone calls later and it was all systems GO!
On Sunday, May 3, after picking up knitted items President Lyn had sourced, Jennifer North (co-pilot) and I hit the road for Traralgon. Dressed in Pakenham Rotary pink - or is it fuchsia? - we met Janne Spiers to hand over a car load of quilts, knits and warm items to help those in the bushfire affected areas who desperately need them.