Posted by Sacha Arthur
In July, Districts 9810 and 9820 came together to reinvigorate RYLA. We had one in-person training session before having to adapt online and it has been all systems go since then! We initially participated in an alignment workshop to blend the two districts together to become one team, the Support Squad.
The Support Squad members are a collective of 18 young, ambitious and diverse community leaders committed to curating the best possible RYLA for the class of 2022.
We have had 3 official training sessions and some fun, virtual rapport building catch ups as well. The Support Squad structure has been established with a strong foundation, and each member having their own roles and responsibilities. Duos have been paired off and we have commenced fleshing out the program for the 6-day seminar. 
We are keeping our hopes up that the seminar will be able to be held in-person in January but are dedicated to bringing a value experience to the participants whatever the challenges may be. 
The Support Squad are relishing in this time where we are creating and cultivating a program we are truly proud of, while learning and growing ourselves along the way. 
We look forward to welcoming your sponsors into the RYLA family just a few months’ time!