Posted by Barry Rogers YEP Chair 2022-23
Youth Exchange Program- District 9820
Recently we asked all members and clubs for their thoughts regarding the resumption of Youth Exchange for our district. Thank you to everyone who completed the online questionnaire.
There are a reasonable number of clubs that are interested in resuming Youth Exchange and several have also indicated they cannot support the program. We think there is enough support across the district to begin planning for a return to Youth Exchange. Our next step is to recruit committee members.
As you know we and District 9810 will be merging in the relatively near future; and some Youth Programs (MUNA, RYLA) are already working together. We are liaising with District 9810 YEP and anticipate the formation of a joint Youth Exchange committee.
So, if you want to be a part of the new Youth Exchange committee, please feel free to contact Barry Rogers –
For those clubs and individuals who showed an interest in hosting or sponsoring Youth Exchange students - we will come back to these once a committee is set up. Thanks again for your support.