Article submitted by John Legione - President of the Rotary Club of Bunyip-Garfield
The younger generation quite often get a bad rap from the older generation, but recently 2 young girls aged 8 and 10 blew that idea out of the water.
While holidaying at a holiday park in Dromana on the Mornington Peninsula, they thought they should do something for the fire ravaged area of East Gippsland. They canvassed their parents and a couple of local businesses and sought donations, so that they could conduct a BBQ for the families holidaying at the park.
After obtaining permission from the Park Managers, the girls got to work on posters and flyers to distribute amongst the other residents.
Nine kilos of mince, numerous sausages and onions and loaves of bread later and enlisting the help of their parents to cook, they set off on their quest. An hour after the start time they had fed a mass of holiday makers and to their pleasure run out of food.
They were even more surprised when after asking their parents to count the money, they realised that they had raised $1,200 in just over an hour. A fantastic effort for two young kids and a couple of friends. This money will be forwarded to the District 9820 Emergency Fire Relief Fund.
To cap off a great event, they were pleasantly surprised when the local CFA brigade turned up in their Road Rescue Truck to say Hi. They then had the opportunity to chat to a couple of volunteers, while climbing over their appliance.
Thanks go to Eleanor and Zoe and their families for helping out those affected by this terrible disaster.  $1,200 raised by two young kids is something that we should be very proud of.
As President of the Rotary Club of Bunyip Garfield and Pop of Eleanor and also a CFA volunteer, I am incredibly proud of their efforts.