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February 2024


Hot of the Press!!
Our district was highlighted for its membership achievements in this month's edition of Rotary on the Move. It shows how we have a focus on making our clubs attractive and enjoyable for new and current members.
FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is a common feeling experienced by many people. It refers to the anxiety or unease caused by the fear that one might be missing out on something exciting, interesting, or important.
Bookings for Lunch with the President at Cape Schanck on 2nd June are starting to happen. I know it seems a long way off but if you want to enjoy the company of Gordon and Heather it probably would be best to book your table now.
The RI President is coming, and we need to give him the greatest welcome to District 9820.  We saved up the best event for last so for a rotary opportunity that you will always treasure and selfie photograph opportunities worthy of framing. Book your club’s table now and relax knowing you will not suffer from FOMO.
MAM Rotarians from our district have always been great supporters of RAM. Let's come together to support one of our favorite programs by organising a March Against Malaria (MAM) event at your Rotary Club, your actions can help support the work of Rotarians Against Malaria by increasing awareness of and contribute to the elimination of, Malaria. Across the month of March (or any month if you wish), you have the chance to join your fellow Rotarians and local communities in walking to raise awareness and funds for Malaria elimination.
All funds raised will support Malaria elimination programs in the Western Pacific Rim region of Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and Timor-Leste.
Right on our back door, what better action than helping our neighbours fight against this preventable disease.
RESCA our Victorian Rotary Emergency Services Community Awards are designed to recognise our emergency service personnel who have gone above and beyond their call of duty and reflected the Rotary motto of “Service above Self”.
RESCA is a community-nominated award, therefore it is based on the reputation of the personnel from their local communities' viewpoint.
Our district proudly supported RESCA in its inaugural year in Victoria by helping to support the Major Winners: Rotary Victoria Emergency Service Officer of the Year Serving in a Volunteer capacity and Rotary Victoria Emergency Service Officer of the ear Serving in a Paid capacity announced at the event.
Graham John Symons - Country Fire Authority (Omeo)

Graham's lifelong dedication to his local community is exceptional and spans various roles including Omeo Fire Brigade member for over 40yearsand Captain for over 10 years, as well as an Ambulance Victoria Community Officer for 33 years. Graham is on the committees for the Omeo Recreation Reserve, Omeo & District Agricultural & Pastoral Society, Omeo Shire Lions Club, RSL organizer for Remembrance services for 10+ years, CFA Group Officer and Omeo Fire Brigade Group delegate and the Livingstone Park Development Committee for 10 years Graham's proactive fire preparedness, establishment of community resources, mentoring, and consistent availability demonstrate his indispensability. His support during the 2019-20 fires and respected role in community meetings highlight his deep impact. Graham's unwavering commitment embodies true responsibility and care, making a lasting difference in his community

The two Major winners were invited to the National event in Canberra in October where they judged against the winners from other states for the National awards and pleasingly Graham was announced as the National winner in the category of serving in a volunteer capacity and presented with his award by His Excellency General the Honourable David John Hurley, at a ceremony at  Government house.
Graham John Symons - Country Fire Authority (Omeo)
Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention Month

Promoting Peace: Rotary’s peacebuilding history around the world


From a pre-World War I resolution calling for “the maintenance of peace” to our continuing support for Rotary Peace Centers, Rotary and its members have a long history of promoting peace and working to address the underlying causes of conflict in communities around the world.

Lending our influence

Rotarians from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, proposed before the 1914 Rotary Convention that the International Association of Rotary Clubs (now Rotary International) “lend its influence to the maintenance of peace among the nations of the world.” Delegates at the convention, which took place just weeks before Europe became engulfed in war, agreed.

It was a bold statement for a relatively young organization that had become international only two years earlier and had a presence in just a handful of countries.

Things happen with Rotary
Rotary International President visits Victoria
Planning for a visit from
Rotary International President
Gordon McInally & Heather
District Governor Linda Humphries 
District Governor Nominee Emma Davis
Past District Governor Mark Humphries
and Lee Godino
Planning for A visit from Rotary International President Gordon McInally in June 2024.
A lunch with President Gordon & Heather will be held on 2nd June 2024 at Cape Schanck - bookings are now open  <Click Here>
A one day Mental Health Symposium at Frankston Arts Centre -  - bookings are now open  <Click Here>
Duck Derby
Rotary Club Peninsula 2.0
Rotary Club Peninsula 2.0 staged a magnificent Duck Derby yesterday at the Waterfront Festival 🐥
We had local businesses decorate Corporate Ducks, which was enormously popular, followed by the release of 976 ducks that "raced" down Kananook Creek! The first 10 ducks to cross the finish line won great prizes for the people who bought them.
We raised over $17,000 which will go towards purchasing beach matting. This will help those in wheelchairs and with mobility issues to access our beach in Frankston.
Municipal Grants
Municipal Grants up to $6,000 for purchase of cleanup equipment.
Earlier in the year, we asked for any expressions of interest in clubs in the five municipal areas listed below to consider applying for a grant of up to $6,000 to purchase cleanup equipment.  
The areas include:
  • Latrobe City Council
  • South Gippsland Shire Council
  • Wellington Shire Council
  • Baw Baw Shire Council
  • Bass Coast Shire Council
Have been successful in a regional partnership application to Emergency Recovery Victoria’s 2021-22 Community Cleanup Support grants program, for supporting not-for-profit community groups with equipment purchase, training and resilience activities across the impacted council areas directly affected by the June 2021 flood/storm event across Gippsland.  .  
To provide a grant payment to clubs within the 5 Shire councils of up to $6000 to support the local community with future cleanup activities.  
This can be utilised for:  
  • purchasing clean up tools and equipment (to remain the property of the NFP);  
  • equipment operational skills and/or OH&S training for the NFP’s volunteers; and  
  • resilience activities for future storm/flood events.  
As it has now been some time, we are considering returning the grant as we are not able
to disperse the funds. We are calling for any expressions of interest in applying for funds by February 2024  
Any interested clubs can contact Pearl Findlay- James, who can help clubs apply for Grants and help with ideas and ways to identify suitable equipment.  
International Womens Day
Regionalisation Update February
Rotary Community Groups (RCGs) 
The Regionalisation Steering Group has now informed the District Governors that we can informally let you know of the allocations for the Rotary Community Groups (RCGs) An email will be sent directly to the Club Presidents next week.
There will also be a formal notification coming to you soon from the Rotary International South Pacific and Philippines Office (RISSPO).
The Rotary Community Groups are a new way of supporting Rotary to thrive, by increasing our community impact, raising Rotary’s profile, and growing membership and member engagement.
Some clubs have asked if this means they should stop other existing collaborations. Not at all! Please continue the successful collaborations that you already have.
The next step is for each RCG to hold an 'establishment meeting', which will amongst other things look at the leadership and support that the group will need, in preparation for the election of their Rotary Community Leader.
We will get back to you to organise the establishment meetings shortly.
These are exciting times and your District Leadership Team is keen to support and work with you as we create new ways to grow Rotary. 
  1. Information on Establishment Meetings
The Establishment Meetings are a critical part of the next phase. They will set the scene for the group and the election of their Rotary Community Leader (RCL).
Purpose: to set the scene for the RCG and to provide RCG-specific information for prospective candidates for the RCL role, to add to the generic position description
Timing: Establishment Meetings completed by 15 March 2024
Arrangements: Online
Facilitation: facilitator/s to be provided by District
RYLA 2024
After the great success of last year's RYLA, we know that many clubs have already chosen potential RYLA students. For clubs that are yet to select their students, now is the time to start looking. Places will fill quickly, so to avoid disappointment start preparing now. More information will be out within a month.
The Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is a leadership seminar for 18 to 30 year-olds! You will spend 8 July to 13 July 2024 at CYC Adventure Resort on Phillip Island, focusing on personal development, leadership, and teamwork through a mixture of outdoor practical activities and in-classroom theory activities. Your local Rotary club will financially support you to attend, so get in touch with them now!
March Against Malaria

Walk together to raise funds to Finish the Fight against Malaria

When Rotarians come together things get done. By organising a March Against Malaria (MAM) event in your Rotary Club, your actions can help support the work of Rotarians Against Malaria by increasing awareness of, and contribute to the elimination of, Malaria. Across the month of March (or any month if you wish), you have the chance to join your fellow Rotarians and local communities in walking to raise awareness and funds for Malaria elimination.

All funds raised will support Malaria elimination programmes in the Western Pacific Rim region of Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and Timor-Leste.

Since the disruptions of COVID-19 a child under 5 now dies of Malaria almost every minute, and Malarial deaths and cases have increased globally by 12% and 6% respectively. Those are horrifying statistics, especially as Malaria is both treatable and curable.

Further, as Malaria impacts mostly poorer women and children, it perpetuates a vicious cycle of poverty in the developing world through maternal mortality, neonatal and child deaths, school absenteeism, burden of treatment costs and overall decreased economic productivity
 Watch Ambassador Stephanie Rodrigues 
Hear from PDG Tony Spring, PDG Keith Hopkins & Beverley Unit on how you can get involved
9810 Conference
Rotary International District 9810
An opportunity exists for District 9820 members to join with District 9810 for their last conference. It will be a great chance to meet our new colleagues in a fun and friendly environment, helping to form bonds and working relationships as we move into our new District, District 9815.
District Governor Ian will be focusing his conference on Mind Matters and mental health initiatives.
Circulating Vaccine-Derived Poliovirus Type 2 outbreak in Indonesia
You have probably heard about this outbreak on the news. Rotary and WHO are currently working with Indonesia and health organisations as Indonesia orders mass vaccinations after polio outbreak.
This serves as a reminder to us all. The Job is NOT done! We made a promise to eradicate Polio, we will!
Consider becoming a Polio Plus Society Member. More information
Make a club donation to End Polio Now campaign.
A Message from Trustee Chair

Barry Rassin

February 2024

Following the news is challenging these days. Stories of war and violence are deeply discouraging. It breaks my heart when I hear about innocent bystanders, particularly women and children, who are caught in the crossfire of conflict.

Is there anything we can do about it? We certainly can’t turn away from the problem. I think in these times, we need to shift our focus from what we can’t change to what we can do. We can also support what we know works.

February is Rotary’s Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention Month. It is one of our areas of focus because peace is central to everything we do in Rotary. Even though most of us aren’t diplomats at the negotiating table or peacebuilders working on active conflicts, in Rotary’s singular way, what we do works to promote peace and prevent conflict somewhere, every day.

Every Rotary member should remember this during the month of February: When you support any of the areas of focus of The Rotary Foundation, you are contributing to peace. Foundation grants that address fundamental issues — such as a global grant focused on enhancing basic literacy in a community — will cultivate a better understanding of the world and lead to greater economic stability, laying the groundwork for peace.

You can say the same for all the areas of focus, from the environment to economic development. They help stabilize communities, lift families out of poverty, and foster the pursuit of education.

Peace is and always has been interwoven into the fabric of Rotary beyond our projects, too. In 1999, when we established the Rotary Peace Centers through a visionary initiative of our Foundation, we reaffirmed this commitment. This month, we are once again renewing that vision, with Bahçeşehir University in Istanbul, our host partner for the newest Rotary Peace Center, as it takes its first steps to prepare for the initial cohort of students arriving in early 2025.

All along the way, as Rotary has evolved into a global force for good, it has championed peace and understanding in countless ways, and our Foundation remains the great driving force behind that vision. It will be part of Rotary’s eternal legacy.

And by supporting our work, you will be able to say that you are a part of that legacy. You can directly support it by visiting and selecting peacebuilding and conflict prevention as the area of focus.

So, yes, there is a lot you can do to support peace and prevent conflict. The next step is up to you. 

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