Froggie's November Message
It’s hard to believe, but Christmas Day will have been and gone before the next issue of Chain Mail, so its time to wish all Rotarians and family a very happy Christmas and very importantly, a safe holiday if travelling.
Please take care and be patient on the roads, as we have had a bad road toll this year across Victoria.
Emergency Appeals & Distributions:
Last month I announced the creation of the Rotary Clubs of Australia 2019 National Drought Appeal, which is travelling along well. Since then we have had lots of bushfire activity, especially in NSW and QLD.
We have just committed $16,500 from our District 9820 Emergency Fund of which $10,000 is for various fire relief projects established in RAWCS and the remaining $6,500 for hay for East Gippsland.
Some of the poor farmers have now taken a double hit, continuing drought followed up now with bush fires. Some of them just can’t catch a break.
Thank you to all clubs and members who support these causes and help us to top up our Emergency fund ready for the next round of bushfires.
DG’s 'Breaking the Chains' Clusters Tour:
The last of these cluster are now completed with great gatherings held during November at Leongatha, Pakenham and Berwick.
All the great ideas from the accumulated table talk discussions will now be circulated to all clubs as a resource of great ideas as we all plan for the future. Amazing participation from all who attended all these cluster meetings.
Thank you all. As RI President Mark Maloney said, “it’s time to act on what we know”. Let’s do it!
Rotary Youth Programmes Pathway:
Amazing work has been done by District Youth Chair Rob Cook on developing John Reeve’s Youth Programmes Pathway concept.
Displayed at the AGM and at the Pakenham and Berwick Melbourne South East Cluster tour meetings this generated enormous interest. See more information later in ChainMail.
RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award):
After the best part of a year’s planning, the exciting new look RYLA is taking place at Rawson Camp from the 8th to 14th December.
Best wishes to Chair Nigel, his enthusiastic RYLA Leaders and the participants for an amazing week of action and learning.
Rotarians are welcome to drop in during the week and say hello.
Issue 5    November 2019

December is Disease Prevention and Treatment Month. 
1st December
World Aids Day
1st December
Council of Governor's Meeting
Pakenham Golf Club
62 Cameron Way
3rd December
International Day of Disabled Persons
5th December
Youth Protection Webinar
25th December
26th December
Boxing Day
Froggie's November Message Continued
Welcome to our New Members:
A big welcome to these new members who have joined us since the last edition of ChainMail. Great to have you join us. Best wishes for a long, productive and very enjoyable career in Rotary.
District Membership has remained static at 1,252, despite these 12 new members. I am hearing though that a number of clubs have new members soon to join, so I really look forward to regaining upward momentum again throughout the District.
Congratulations Peter Kingsbury:
During November, I had the pleasure of presenting to PP Peter Kingsbury of Moe, a pin recognising his foundation contributions, which reached Major Donor level earlier this year.
What is unusual is that Peter has directed all his donations towards the End Polio campaign, as clearly his imagination was caught by the audacity of what we set out to do, and of course the enormity of what we have achieved so far in our fight to end polio.
Thank you, Peter, for your selfless and very generous support.
Annual General Meeting:
As was the case for clubs, November was also AGM time for District. It was great to see the delegates come to Marist-Sion in Warragul for the AGM. PDG Janne presented her report on 2018-19 and the audited financial reports for 2018-19 were accepted along with the usual reappointment of auditors.
A highlight is that we have now approved the use of electronic meetings for future District Annual and General Meetings.
Nominations for 2022 - 2023 District Governor:
Information has gone out to clubs and members to nominate Rotarians for 2022-23 District Governor. We have some sensational people within the District that would make a great District Governor – all we need is for clubs to nominate them.
Please don’t hold back – if you have an amazing member of your club that meets the criteria circulated then please make sure you nominate them through your club.
Rotary Youth Protection Webinar
Two further online sessions will be held during this Rotary year by District Protection Officer PDG Brian Norris.

The dates are:
  • Thursday 5 December 2019, 8.00pm
  • Saturday 23 May 2020, 10.00am
Rotary & the United Nations
Article submitted by Rotary International President Mark Maloney
Rotary Day at the United Nations, which we celebrate each November, is an important reminder of the historic relationship between our organisations. But this year’s event is even more important than usual, because we are building up to the 75th anniversary of the signing of the UN Charter in June 2020.
You might ask, why celebrate this anniversary? For Rotary, it is entirely appropriate, because we played such a critical leadership role in the San Francisco Conference that formed the United Nations in 1945. Throughout World War II, Rotary published materials about the importance of forming such an organisation to preserve world peace.
When the time came to write the UN charter, Rotary was one of 42 organisations that the United States invited to serve as consultants to its delegation at the San Francisco Conference. We have a deep and lasting relationship with the UN that deserves to be celebrated and appreciated.
The focus on the UN in the year ahead is not only about the past; it also lights a path to our future. There are so many parallels between the work we do through our areas of focus and the work of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. While those goals are indeed incredibly ambitious, they provide inspiration and direction — and are similar to many Rotary goals, which have proven to create lasting, positive change in our world. The goals can be achieved, but only if undertaken with the same long-term commitment and tenacity that Rotary understands so well.
Alone, we cannot provide clean water for all, we cannot eliminate hunger, we cannot eradicate polio. But together with partners like the United Nations, of course we can.
2020 District 9820 Conference 
Article submitted by PDG Tim Moore - Rotary Club of Berwick
Please note that the "Early Bird Discounts" for registration at the 2020 District 9820 conference in March end soon!
If you are new to Rotary or a long time member, District Conference’s are a great way to not only know more about our great organisation, but also to get that often needed shot in the arm to inspire and reinvigorate us in our clubs.   We learn of great projects that we can share in and ways to reconnect our communities in Australia and overseas.
Did you know there is a discounted ticket price for Rotarians that haven't been to a conference before? But you need to book before the end of November for this and the early bird discount!
I encourage all members to register for the Conference in Bendigo 20th - 22nd March 2020.  The draft program is a link on our district website at, as is the 'Register now' button.
It promises to be a great Conference, great presenters and entertainers - you will laugh and you will shed a tear, but you will also learn, be inspired and make new friends.
Here are just 2 more of our presenters to 'whet your appetite':
Stephanie Woolard
Stephanie is an Australian Rotarian and Founder of 'Seven Women', as well as 'Hands on Development' travel with a purpose tour company in Nepal.
She joined the Rotary Club of Melbourne on the return from her Rotary Peace Fellowship at the Uppsala University Peace Centre in Sweden, where she obtained a Master of Peace and Conflict Resolution.
Her work is focused around creating a more tolerant and compassionate world, with a focus on education and economic empowerment for marginalised women.
'Seven Women' began in 2006, when Stephanie met 7 disabled women living in a tin shed and learnt of the harsh stigma they were facing.
'Seven Women' has now empowered over 5,000 marginalised women through education, skills training and income generation
PDG Brian Coffey
Brian was born, raised and educated in the Hunter Valley at Newcastle before moving to Maitland in 1979 to commence a 34-year career in law enforcement. 
After speaking at a Rotary meeting in 1999, Brian was asked to join the Rotary Club of East Maitland.
Brian, with his wife Carol, immediately engaged in Youth Exchange as host parents, before joining the District Committee as a Youth Exchange Officer. Today he engages inbound students in law topics.
Brian promises to engage you in a personal and moving story of how Rotary changed/saved his life, while helping change and possibly saving the life of a young boy and his parents.  
Compassionate Matched Grant Program
Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) has announced its "Compassionate Grants" program to help Australians in need.
As a result of a second $1,000,000 donation to Rotary by Dick Smith, grants will be assessed by the Rotary Australia Benevolent Society (RABS) and funds distributed to disadvantaged Australians identified by local Rotary Clubs or Rotary Districts, as being in need within their local or wider community.
Projects granted funding must meet RABS criteria for registration available on the RAWCS website – click on Register New Project.
They must provide direct relief to people in need. If the intended recipients are disadvantaged, the relief should target that disadvantage. The concept of disadvantage is unlimited and could have arisen from sickness, suffering, distress, misfortune, disability, destitution, helplessness or poverty. In fact, any aspect of the negative side of the human condition.
In addition to meeting RABS criteria, Compassionate Grants are only approved where the project funds are to be directed to people in need, or to benefit a section of a community rather than the community as a whole. A project should arouse compassion within the community.
Priority for grants will be given to those whose disadvantage has arisen from an “ad hoc” event over which the disadvantaged had no control, such as an accident, assault, medical condition, drought, flood or fire etc.
Grants will match club’s fundraising on a dollar for dollar basis, subject to the following:
  1. Qualifying projects must have a minimum value of $2,000 (ie a minimum grant of $1,000)
  2. Each Club or District is limited to two grants in any calendar year, subject to a maximum grant total of $15,000.
Sample projects where a person or group was potentially disadvantaged under the above criteria include:
  • Provision of a modified family motor vehicle for a 6 year old with cerebral palsy
  • Modifications to a home to assist access and functionality for a quadriplegic
  • Financial assistance for a seriously injured sportsman’s family
  • Ongoing support for non-PBS medicines for a sufferer of Lymes disease
  • Provision of a specialised bed for a person with Parkinson’s Disease
  • Supply insulin pumps to three children with juvenile diabetes
  • Provision of improved prosthetics for an amputee
  • Assistance to a family who lost everything in a fire
  • Provision of financial assistance to a young family whose mother drowned
Note: Grants are not available as a contribution to other community groups for discretionary expenditure, or to assist in running their programs.
Dick Smith and Rotary
Dick has previously given a significant amount through Rotary toward the eradication of the once widespread disease polio. This project has run for thirty years and is nearing completion, polio is now isolated to a few small enclaves in remote regions.
Dick joins the likes of world-renowned philanthropist Bill Gates as a major supporter of Rotary and its various programs worldwide. On this occasion, the donation by Dick and Pip will be administered by the Rotary Australia Benevolent Society, for the benefit of local individuals and communities. He highlighted the fact many Australians suffer personal hardship, whether through accident, illness or misadventure.
Dick considers Rotary one of the most trusted and respected charities in the world.
Rotary Youth Programs
Article submitted by DG Adrian Froggatt
Great progress has been made by District Youth Chair Rob Cook on the development of this pathway.  The purpose is to provide an overview of all youth programs we offer in District 9820.
Pictured is a prototype display board that is intended to be displayed at all youth programs we run, so participants are aware of other programs they could participate in. Across the bottom are document holders with information on each program. The large A4 document at the bottom on the right-hand side contains a copy of the pathway inside along with notes on each of the programs.
It has been created for clubs to use for promoting youth programs to schools and the community. These A4 brochures will be available soon for clubs to use. We are also costing up the display board option so clubs can purchase that if they wish.
In order, the pathway includes:
  • Earlyact – a new primary school program that supplements Junior Community Awards
  • Rotary Junior Community Awards (Primary Year 6)
  • Interact - secondary school
  • Rotary Youth Exchange Program
  • MUNA (Model United Nations Assembly)
  • National Youth Science Forum
  • Rotary Youth Leadership Awards
  • Rotaract
Contact District Earlyact/Interact Chair Josie Wilson at for information on the Earlyact program and at for information on Interact.
Public Image Improvements
Article submitted by Janet Pugh - Public Image Chair - Rotary Club of Mt Martha
A gentle reminder to all club Secretaries and Public Image Chairs regarding the Rotary theme logo for this year:
“Rotary Connects the world”
By now, this year’s theme logo should be in a prominent position on your club’s website, newsletters and Facebook page.
Previous theme logos such as “Be the inspiration “, from 2017 and and “Rotary making a difference”, from 2018, should be replaced with this year’s theme “ Rotary Connects the world”
2017 - 2018
2018 - 2019
This year’s theme logo is easily downloaded from the Brand Centre on the Rotary International website:
Club Planning Assistant
Article submitted by DG Adrian Froggatt
We know that each club has its own successes and challenges. But how do you identify your club’s unique challenges and come up with strategies or solutions that are tailored to meet your needs?
Club Planning Assistant is a tool that now lives permanently at
Take this quick survey to receive instant feedback on your particular challenges, whether that be attracting new members, making a positive difference in the community or accommodating the needs of potential and current members.
When you finish, you’ll be able to download a summary of your answers, along with links to recommended resources that can support the strategic planning process.
Christmas Collections For Those in Need
As Christmas approaches, spare a thought for those who may not have a home, or are struggling to buy food and pay bills, and therefore unable to buy toys for their children at Christmas. 
The Rotary Berwick & District Benevolent Society gets busy at this time of year, arranging the placement of ‘collection cages’ at a number of schools, colleges and supermarkets in the Casey area.
The schools and colleges organise the collection of non-perishable food and toys from their students and staff.  Those involved in this year’s collection include Berwick College, Berwick Grammar School, Beaconhills College, Haileybury College, Kambrya College, St Margaret’s School and Timbarra P-9.
In addition, members of the public contribute generously to the Christmas collection by placing their donations in cages located at Berwick Market Square and Eden Rise Shopping Centres.
The donations of food and toys are collected regularly and taken to Casey North Community Information Support Service (CNCISS) in Narre Warren. CNCISS then sort out the donations and assemble hampers and food parcels for distribution to those members of the local community in need of support at this festive time.  Recipients include victims of domestic violence, the socially disadvantaged and those who may be homeless.
The Rotary Berwick & District Benevolent Society is a community project of the Rotary Club of Berwick, providing an example of how Rotary can assist the community by enriching the Christmas experience for those in need.
EarlyAct Club Formed in Pakenham
Article submitted by Josie Wilson - EarlyAct and Interact Chair- Rotary Club of Pakenham
I would like to have it formally noted that the District 9820 has now an Early Act Club for 2020.  The arrangement was signed and approved by Pakenham Springs Primary School on 18th November
EarlyAct is a service Club for primary school students and is sponsored by a local Rotary Club. Its mission and operation are closely linked to the ideals of Rotary.
EarlyAct Clubs strive to promote goodwill, understanding and peace through the active participation of their student members, so that with committed citizenship and effective leadership they may improve the quality of life of their school, local and global communities.
Involvement in an EarlyAct Club teaches students values such as caring, respect, responsibility, tolerance, compassion, friendship and leadership.
Peninsula Rotaract Trivia Night
Article submitted by Sarah Learmonth, President Rotaract Club
Peninsula Rotaract Club held a 'Back to School'  trivia night on Saturday November 9th. It was a very successful event, which saw the club raise an incredible $3,504.73 (PRC’s biggest ever raised amount from a trivia night!!).
All proceeds will be going toward our club owned project ‘Backpacks for Kids,' where we will create backpacks filled with essential school supplies and personal items that will be given to disadvantaged students in our local community. 
The night was filled with fun questions and games with everyone taking to the theme and dressing up in school uniform, or school related attire!
We would like to thank DG Adrian and Wendy, as well as our local Rotary clubs, Seaford Carrum Downs and Sunrise Rotary for attending and supporting us on the night!

We look forward to updating the District on the number of bags we are able to create and in turn impact the lives of many school children in our local area from this incredibly successful night!
Hamlin High Tea Fundraiser
Submitted by Julie Backhouse - Rotary Club of Bairnsdale Sunrise
The Rotary Club of Bairnsdale Sunrise recently held a Hamlin High Tea to raise funds for the Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation.  The afternoon was hosted by Bill and Jen Flack in their beautiful garden. 
This provided a wonderful opportunity to enjoy each other’s company, eat delicious food and to raise funds for a very worthy cause.  Those members of Sunrise who were not able to attend made donations to the foundation.  We are thrilled to advise that through all the generous donations we were able to raise an amazing $1,035.00.
Catherine Hamlin has spent almost 60 years devoting her time and life to changing the lives of more than 50,000 women in Ethiopia, helping them regain their health and dignity through the repair of devastating childbirth injuries. Based on the success in Ethiopia they are now taking their clinical excellence and model of care to Uganda, where up to 200,000 women are living with obstetric fistula which leaves them incontinent, humiliated and cut off from their communities.
Our donations help in so many ways:
  • $30 could transport a woman in obstructed labour to the nearest hospital by ambulance
  • $200 could recruit a new student from a remote area to become a Hamlin midwife
  • $780 could stock one of the Hamlin midwifery clinics with medical supplies for a year.  
  • $700 supports a single standard fistula operation, or $1,300 for a more complex surgery following severe injury
In 2018 the foundation in Ethiopia achieved the following:
  • Examined 4,443 women through outpatient clinics and referring 1,011 complicated pregnancies to hospitals
  • Provided 1,668 major life changing surgeries
  • Graduated 20 Hamlin midwives with another 92 students in training
  • Supported 125 Hamlin midwives working in 36 remote Ethiopian clinics
  • Helped 607 patients successfully complete skills training and education
Mini Golf at the Bairnsdale Show
Article submitted by Julie Backhouse - Rotary Club of Bairnsdale Sunrise
During the recent Bairnsdale Show, members of the Rotary Club of Bairnsdale Sunrise provided and supervised a free mini-golf experience. 
Thanks go to Rotary member Leah’s partner Craig for building the mini ‘greens’. 
The mini-golf was very popular and was frequented by many, despite being tucked away in a corner and the very windy day.  
A big "Thank you" also goes to all those members who supported the stall and sold tickets at the gates.  
As you can see from these photos, the mini-golf experience was enjoyed by young and old alike.
'End Trachoma by 2020'
Article submitted by Sally Dell - End Trachoma Champion - Rotary Club of Warragul
Look at the 'End Trachoma by 2020' projects that have been delivered in 2019.
Thanks to the wonderful donations from District 9820 and other districts and clubs around Australia.
National Oral Health Hospital for the Solomon Islands
Article submitted by PDG Merv Williams - Rotary Club of Mt Martha
A Rotary Australia World Community Service volunteer dental team from Australia has installed equipment and furnishings for 7 modern new dental surgeries and a Sterilizing Room, to establish a National Oral Health Centre for the Solomon Islands.
The building with seven empty rooms in 2017
In October and November 2019, on a three week visit to Honiara, a volunteer RAWCS team professionally converted this building to an independent Dental Hospital within the Honiara National Referral Hospital (“No.9”).  A modern new National Dental Hospital for the Solomon Islands.
The team consisted of ;
  • Dr David Goldsmith, Dentist, Rotary Club of Ballarat West (Team Leader)
  • Peter Copp PHF R.C.Ballarat West,+ Mary Copp specialist dental equipment engineers (technical lead)
  • Merv and Christine Williams from Rotary Club Mt Martha,
  • Jack and Marie Knight from R.C. Horsham,
  • John Macdonald PHF R.C. Ballarat West,
  • Garry Brooker R.C. Ballarat West
This Rotary project heralds a new era for Oral Health in the Solomon Islands.  It more than doubles the public dental facilities in Honiara, will serve as an education and training centre, and be the base from which dental service provision will be directed to the Provinces into the future.
The original dental clinic at the National Referral Hospital closed in 2012 and was not replaced. Since then the public dental services in Honiara have consisted of just 4 dental chairs at Mataniko HCC Dental Clinic(2 not working), a dental caravan at NRH ,and one Oral Surgery room at NRH, to service Honiara’s public dental service, a city with a population similar to that of Ballarat
Nine dental chairs were procured, as well as high and low speed hand pieces and ultrasonic cleaning devices from the Adelaide Dental Hospital.  These were shipped to Honiara by Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) Donations in Kind (DIK). This was a unique opportunity to obtain 9 similar models, which will greatly simplify future repairs and maintenance. The Rotary Club of Berwick provided the transportation funding.
Surgery Design was completed and almost two tonnes of custom-made dental cabinetry flat packs were manufactured and shipped in a 40 foot container from DIK in Melbourne. The container held dental and medical supplies, including 27 hospital beds and 25 wheelchairs. The medical items were distributed directly to the staff and wards of the Honiara National Referral Hospital.
The Rotary work involved stripping, cleaning and painting all the walls, plumbing and functionally connecting 7 dental chairs and building and equipping a new Sterilizing Room. Assembling the custom-designed modern dental cabinetry hand basin pedestals, all with varnished Bamboo tops, was not simple work. It demanded a high degree of skill and adaptability in a hot tropical climate and using unfamiliar materials. It is a huge tribute to the team members, who had not met one another before, how they developed into a skilled workforce and achieved such a successful outcome in just two weeks.
On occasions, the team had to call on all their considerable experience to adapt different fittings from multiple hardware stores to achieve the desired result. (there’s no Bunnings in Honiara!) 
Financial support for the project came from the Rotary Clubs of;
  • Berwick $13,000 plus DIK Adelaide container transport
  • Ballarat West $10,000
  • Honiara
  • Mt Martha, $3000
  • Torquay $5000
  •  Metrology Ballarat $10,000
  •  The International College of Dentistry $5000
  • The Academy of Dentistry International $3000
  • Rotary Foundation District 9780 Grant $3000
It is expected that the new dental surgeries will be operational and able to begin seeing patients from late November 2019. This was all funded by Rotary and built by Rotary Australia World Community Service volunteers.      
Rotary – “Making a Difference”.
Fuluwai School Progress in Timor Leste
Article submitted by Roger Thornton - 'Donations in Kind'  (DIK) Chair - Rotary Club of Berwick
In the September issue of Froggie’s Chain Mail, we advised that a contract had been signed to build the next school for another remote community in Timor Leste, the Faluwai Primary School.  This will replace the old school, which is a condemned building. 
The old school was one of the ones built when the new country was formed, at a time when their material supplies were limited and few tradesmen were available.
I just received these photos from Napo showing Faluwai coming along well.   Agostinho is happy with the progress, everything is going well and they are starting to install the ceilings.
This Project highlights what we can achieve if Clubs work together, with support from the Rotary Foundation, 'Donations In Kind' and great external partners.