Mark's May Message
Last weekend we held Virtual Victoria, a multi-district conference comprising all five Victorian Districts. There were speakers and entertainers from across the globe, including President Holger Knaack and President Nominee Jennifer Jones. Our entertainers were world renowned, Michael Lapina, Kutcher Edwards plus more. Mike Brady, (Up there Cazaley) also gave us a rendition of a Rotary Anthem, it can be found on our YouTube channel. < Click Here >
Following on from Virtual Victoria, we held our own smaller conference. This was the first time a major District event had taken place since Covid, people gathered from all over the District to "Celebrate Being Together". It was great to see everyone in 3D and hear the buzz of people.  Even the weather was fantastic with people enjoying evening drinks and canapes outside in the courtyard!
We caught up on two years of activities and District business, we heard from Australian Rotary Health, Youth, Ride to Conference and heard about our first District satellite club. After the business, there was time to catch up and renew acquaintances then on to dinner.  We were entertained by the Nossal High School Jazz combo, String Quintet, String Orchestra and our Bollywood dancers made an appearance!
Nossal’s technology department made the attractive Rotary Opens Opportunities themed table decorations using 3D printing, laser cutting and laser etching to produce this popular item.  They must have been very popular mementos of a wonderful event because they all vanished.
Thank you everyone who attended, for those that did not attend selected segments will be made available on the District YouTube Channel in the coming days.
Links to Virtual Victoria 
Links to District 9820 conference will soon be available on our District YouTube channel
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Knock Knock
May Issue 10 2021
Area of Focus: Youth Services Month
New Generation
Youth Services Month, rotary clubs of the world give special emphasis to the many Rotary sponsored programs which serve children and young people.
  • Sponsor new Interact/ Rotaract Club
  • Organise Drawing / Painting / Elocution competition in schools
  • Awareness campaign about problems and need for survival of Future Generations

100 Years of Rotary in Australia
100 Years ago, Lieutenant Colonel J. L. Ralston and James Davidson left the shores of Canada to make their way here to Australia. Arriving in Sydney they were soon told, "leave Sydney and head to Melbourne, you have arrived at the time of the Sydney Easter Show, we don’t have time to talk about Rotary just yet".
So, they boarded the train and headed for Melbourne. On the 21st April 1921 at Scott’s Hotel, the first Rotary meeting was held in Australia. Rotary continues, however the Scott’s Hotel has long gone.
After Melbourne they headed back to Sydney, this time they were welcomed and Rotary Club of Sydney was started, then Wellington and Auckland, New Zealand.
Lieutenant Colonel J. L. Ralston went on to be the driving force behind establishing over 60 Rotary clubs across the globe.
We are charged with growing Rotary, we have an obligation to grow Rotary so we can continue to make a difference.
We have been serving our communities for 100 years and over this time we have seen Rotary grow and give opportunities to join this wonderful organisation here in our country. There are approximately 33,000 Rotarians in Australia but unfortunately, that number is declining. With a declining membership it means our impact will be less and I wonder how are we going to continue to make that difference?
We can be proud of our achievements that include Australian Rotary Health, Rotary Foundation, Peace Scholarships, Clean Water, Saving mothers and children, Supporting education, growing economies and the environment. The major focus for 40 years, ending Polio, is our promise to world so no child should ever have to suffer from this disease!
Now it is time to regenerate Rotary. It is our responsibility. What are you going to do about growing Rotary so that we can: 
  • Increase our impact
  • Expand our reach
  • Enhance participant engagement
  • Increase our ability to adapt
Because TOGETHER, we see a world where PEOPLE unite and take action to CREATE lasting CHANGE across the globe, in our communities and in ourselves.

Rotary 100 dinner  
Rotary Club of Melbourne, 21st April 2021. Sofitel Melbourne. 
District Governor Mark and Linda Humphries representing District 9820. 
District Governor Mark and Linda can be spotted on the right hand side of the image,

District Governors Partner Project 
The project that I have selected for my year as Governor Mark’s Partner is as many of you have heard “Ending Malaria for Good in Vanuatu”. This humanitarian project beneficiaries will be all communities involved in selected locations, and in particular at-risk groups of pregnant women and children up to 5 years of age.
Vanuatu is facing enormous challenges in its malaria elimination program. There are gaps in funding with a country goal of zero indigenous malaria by end of 2023. There is much more to do, to reach our goal.
It has been a difficult year for clubs, and I know you have many demands for your limited funds this year. Your contributions will save lives, protect social and economic development, and contribute to the health of the people of Vanuatu. As this year comes to a close, I thank you for your support and have enjoyed meeting with you all, either online and most recently face to face. A big thank you to the clubs who have already supported my Partner’s Project and another opportunity for those clubs who would like to donate now, I have added the link below.
We REALLY NEED your help to continue and extend this worthwhile Project and would greatly appreciate your contributions via: 

Tour de West Gippsland 
Source Keith Pretty, Public Relations Rotary Club of Drouin
For the past 20 years, on the occasion of the annual Rotary District Conference, a number of Rotarians have participated in a cycling event known as “Ride to Conference” – the purpose being to raise funds for Rotary projects, like Gippsland Rotary Centenary House at Traralgon.  Those rides have raised over one million dollars.  One of the regular riders has been Drouin Rotary’s Ian Symons.
Drouin Rotary Club has a cycling group which meets regularly for a “ride for pleasure and exercise” outing, and members decided to conduct their own ride from Drouin to Traralgon to raise funds for The Rotary Foundation, the charitable arm of Rotary International.  Launched by club president Russell Ford, eight riders set off from Drouin early on a recent Saturday morning, with three Rotarians from Pakenham Rotary joining them.  They were accompanied by the usual support vehicles, mainly to transport them home after the ride!
Drouin Rotary president Russell Ford (left) “waving off” the cyclists at the entrance to the Two Towns Trail in Drouin en route to Traralgon, with riders, Rotarians Paul and Jenny Rice and Tania Hansen (Pakenham), and Drouin’s Roger Playdon, Max Scott, Ian Symons, Kevin Roberts and Ian Haughton, with some of their supporters in the background.
Drouin Rotarian Ian Symons led the charge on this project, and said that it was a great project in which the club could be involved, enhancing camaraderie amongst members while raising funds for the highly-valued Rotary Foundation which specialises in health, education and humanitarian works worldwide.  Ian said that, on the way home, there was even talk of repeating the event next year!
Club President Russell Ford said that club members who could not participate in the ride were encouraged to make donations in support of the riders, and overall, a total of $1,000 was raised. Russell said that in addition, the club had allocated $3,000 for the Foundation’s charity work, as well as an extra $1,000 for the End Polio campaign – a project which has been running since 1984 in conjunction with the World Health Organisation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, with wild polio having been eliminated in all but two countries.
After arrival at Traralgon, the riders, (including Gary Scanlon, Drouin treasurer, second from left) who joined the ride at Warragul, presented a cheque for $1,000 to Janne Speirs, representing Charlie Speirs, chairman of the Rotary District Foundation committee.

Australian Rotary Health
Source: Mardi Shepherd ARH 2020/21 Rotary 9820 District Chair.
Is your club interested in supporting Australian Rotary Health here are some projects you might like to support which help Fund Significant Research?
Funded by Australian Rotary Health PhD candidate Frank Mobilio will explore the links between neuroinflammation and comorbid Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 
A sleep program for parents of pre-schoolers may prevent mental health problems in their child occurring later in life, according to new Australian Rotary Health (ARH) funded research.
The findings from a PhD research project that received funding from Australian Rotary Health have been used to inform national social media suicide prevention campaign #YouCanTalk.
A PhD Scholar funded by Australian Rotary Health has researched how genetic mutations may lead to the development of blood cancer and what makes this type of cancer more aggressive. 
A new research study funded by Australian Rotary Health is the first of its kind to show that oxytocin nasal spray may produce unexpected social effects in patients with Anorexia Nervosa.
An Australian Rotary Health (ARH) funded study has found clear differences in the way a brain functions in a person experiencing suicidal thoughts.
These are a few of the research programmes that ARH is currently supported.  If you would like to find out more information, go to their website and search under donations.

Disaster Aid Australia
Source: Cherie Ramsay 
With COVID restrictions easing Disaster Aid Australia has re-opened its office to Vocational Visits.
Find out what it takes to run an international aid charity.
See our demonstration Sky Hydrant treating dirty water and transforming it to clean safe drinking water.
Find out about the aid we have continued to deliver through a pandemic.
We also provide groups with a great meal for $20/ head, with various menu options available.
The office is located just off the South Gippsland Freeway at the Princes Highway (Hallam) exit.
For more information contact us at

News from around the traps
Source: courtesy of the Warragul & Drouin Gazette

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