Froggie's April/May Message
Is anyone else going a little stir crazy in COVID-19 isolation? One of the compensations though is that our senses of humour have been coming to the fore.
“Our senses of humour have been coming to the fore”
One of the Australian Governors complained he will not be able to have a drink in a pub or restaurant when they can reopen; they will be too weak for what he has become used to! Others are ruing having said in the past about all the jobs waiting at home they will get onto them just as soon as they have time. Oh no, they now have time! Later in this Chain Mail I have included some humorous snippets out of some club bulletins. I cannot fit them all in of course, but they are a great way of lifting our spirits.
Despite COVID-19 life goes on, with a lot of activity happening at District and Club levels. As the artwork from Rotarian Evan Burrell says “Rotary isn’t cancelled. It’s just different”. The sentiment expressed is spot on.
“Great vision and collaboration”
Congratulations to the East Gippsland and Peninsula Clusters who have both committed to or completed cluster wide projects showing a great deal of cluster vision and collaboration. See more later in Chain Mail.
Growing Use of Zoom
Most of our clubs and clusters are meeting currently using Zoom. The meetings get better each time as clubs and administrators get more proficient at using the application, and the opportunities opened become more apparent and exciting.
Later in Froggie’s Chain Mail I have included some information from the very influential Gartner Group who have rated Zoom only second to the full commercial CISCO suite of online meeting software.
As the Rotary Club of Mt. Eliza said in this week’s Club Newsletter “Following two weeks where we have had a guest speaker at our weekly ZOOM meeting it is clear that we can now proceed almost as business as usual while we face COVID-19 restrictions”.
We have built up quite a large group of people in District now who can assist those clubs only just trying Zoom now. Contact your Assistant Governor.
“I would love to receive invites to club Zoom meetings”
I would love to receive invites to club Zoom meetings, especially from those clubs I have not been able to physically visit this year or have not already zoomed with.
We can have some fun with Zoom by the way. See the story on Zoom Bingo later in Chain Mail. I hope you enjoyed the cartoon above from Tim Wakeling.
Upcoming Online Events
As mentioned above, “just different”
  • Online Foundation Grant Management Seminar
  • Rotary Club of Frankston North Trivia Night
  • Projects that Rotary Clubs can Deliver During Isolation
  • 45 Minute Membership Webinar
  • District Assembly & Budget Approval
  • Youth Protection Webinar
  • District Changeover
  • More to be announced…
Froggie's April/May Message Continued
COVID-19 Webinar with Hon. Greg Hunt
 As a first attempt at a large Webinar, by any measure this event on 14 April was a great success.
“… a great success”
Attracting an Australia wide audience of close to 500 attendees it has earned much praise from our own members but also from the other Australian Rotary Districts for both the format and the content.
Minister Hunt gave us a very generous amount of time from his extremely busy schedule. If you missed the Webinar, it can be viewed at A big thanks to our team who put the webinar together.
Conference Refunds
“…. completed 100% refunds”
The Conference and Finance teams have now completed the 100% refunds, following the COVID-19 cancellation, to those who booked into our 2019-20 Conference. A great effort by all concerned.
Updating Your Club Constitutions & By-Laws
“For action by all clubs”
You will see a story in ChainMail about revised Constitutions being made available for clubs at No Cost! They include up to date changes from the RI Council on Legislation, with amendments where required to comply with Victorian law. Yes, this is all very boring but unfortunately necessary. Every club needs to register the new Constitution with Consumer Affairs. PDG Tim Moore can guide you.
East Gippsland Rotary Fire Aid
Work is continuing by Chair Pearl and the team in East Gippsland. I have secured further funding of $162k for East Gippsland from the RAWCS National Bushfire Appeal. PDG Janne is close to submitting several Global Grant Applications to Foundation for major fire recovery projects.
See the request for Winter Woollens later in ChainMail.
Farewell PP Charles Coy and Alan Cross
It is with great sadness we have included notice later in ChainMail of the passing of these two fine people, who between them made great contributions to communities within District 9820. Please join me in sending love and best wishes to their respective families. More information later in ChainMail.
Enjoy your next month. Best Wishes.
R100 Baton Relay
Compiled by District Governor Adrian Froggatt
Coming up is the Centenary of Rotary in Australia and New Zealand. While lots of events are planned there is one that stands out, the brainchild of our own PP Linda and DGE Mark Humphries, the Rotary 100 Baton Relay.
R100 Centenary Baton is now available!
Linda and Mark have designed a baton, sourced a manufacturer and created a website and Facebook site to promote the use of the baton. This is a great initiative.
Clubs can find out more about the batons and the Baton Relay at
There is also a pdf brochure you can download.
National Youth Science Forum (NYSF)
Article submitted by Stephen Daly - Rotary District 9820 NYSF Chair
The NYSF and Rotary thank clubs across D9820 for supporting the Year 12 Program. Rotary plays a key role enabling students to pursue their passion in STEM and connect with like minded students across the country. Rotary's involvement in the selection process has ensured that over the last 5 years 35% of all successful applicants have come from remote and regional Australia.
Despite the difficulties of the bushfires in January and now the impact of COVID-19, the NYSF Year 12 program will be running in 2021 and applications are now open. There will be approximately 600 places offered and I would expect that as D9820 filled our 2020 quota of 28 students, we will be able to choose a similar number of students for 2021.
The selection process will need to be different, given the current circumstances. I encourage you to make direct contact by phone with school contacts. Despite the learning from home environment that will likely exist for term 2, teachers are in contact with their students and will be able to encourage them to apply. The more you can do to support schools and applicants, the more likely that students across our district will be successful. 
More than ever Rotary can encourage year 11 students across our district to experience life changing STEM opportunities with some of the nations best scientists. The program is designed to encourage continued study in these fields and develop an awareness of careers that are critical for our nation's future.
In 2021 the program will run at the following locations and dates:
  • Session A; Mon 4th - Wed 13th Jan 2021 at the Australian National University, Canberra
  • Session B; Mon 11th - Wed  20th Jan 2021 at the University of Queensland, Brisbane
  • Session C; Mon 18th - Wed 27th Jan 2021 at the Australian National University, Canberra 
At this stage it is most likely that selection interviews will be undertaken via zoom, or a similar method. As events develop, I will keep you informed. 
Now that school is back I encourage you to contact schools and to make yourself familiar with the program by going to
Online Grant Management Seminar
Article submitted by PDG Charlie Speirs, District 9820 Foundation Chair.
Online Club Qualification Now Available for District & Global Grants
Rotarians, here is a chance to grow some new skills while on Lock Down. 
The restrictions put in place to manage the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus have made an impact on all our lives and Rotary activity. Being a group of resourceful people, we have adapted to the changes and found ways to achieve the tasks we need to do. It is no different for the Foundation Team in D9820. We understand that your desire to stay safe and still achieve a support role in your community is important.
For 2020-21 District or Global Grants your club must “qualify” to get access to apply for grants.
We are delighted that the Foundation has accepted the option of getting your Club qualified to apply for a District or Global Grant by doing an Online 'Grant Management Seminar'.
The seminar is split into 9 x 15-minute courses. You don’t have to do them all at once. We encourage you to take this opportunity now to have your club qualified for a district grant once the threat of the COVID-19 virus has passed and we resume our normal daily activities.
Now is the time for Clubs to be thinking about the Projects they would like to introduce to their community and get them planned. Do it now, so when restrictions ease, we can get straight onto the doing, not the planning. 
The Grant Management Seminar is the ideal online COVID-19 alternative to in-person training. It is accessible to anyone with a My Rotary account (that should be every Rotarian!!). More information is in the FAQs Document.
There are two ways to access the Seminar.
The first is to follow the instructions in the “FAQs Document”.
The second is to go to the Learning Centre by first logging into My Rotary. (If you have not yet opened an account, you can do that from that same page).
Once logged into My Rotary, select this link Grant Management Seminar where you will see the following page.  Click on ENROLL to proceed.
4 Ways to Engage Members
Sourced from Rotary Membership Minute
Are you looking for ideas to engage members while we’re physically distancing ourselves from each other? Has your club started meeting online? Here are some of our favourite resources to help: 
Find more resources at
End Of Year Funds Distribution
It is not too soon to start thinking about funds distribution for the end of this Rotary year on June 30. We all know COVID-19 has affected many planned fund raisers by Clubs leading to a diminished amount for distribution.
“…. remember our Rotary associated programmes and projects”
When making your decisions please remember the following Rotary associated programmes and the amazing work that they do that need our support. Remember too that half of the funds donated by clubs to Rotary Foundation come back to us in 2 years’ time.
In alphabetical order:
Victoria Police Legacy
The tragic event which unfolded last week on the Eastern Freeway near Kew has seen an outpouring of community grief and support for Victorian Police members. The loss of the Police Officers lives has touched the community with resultant fundraising efforts to support the affected families.
Victoria Police Legacy is a not-for-profit public benevolent institution that has Australian Taxation Office Deductible Gift Recipient status. Rotarians and Rotary Clubs wishing to support Victoria Police Legacy can make a donation by visiting the link at: When donating please add your name and your Rotary Club.
Our Victorian Districts enjoy a strong, long term relationship with Victoria Police through the Police Leadership Mentoring Program, with many District Rotarians having participated as Mentors.
Victoria Police Legacy provides an avenue for Rotarians, Rotary Clubs, Rotary Districts and Rotary International to offer financial support, and to say “thank you” for the police members’ efforts and sacrifices in protecting our community.
For further information please contact Mike McFarlane, Kew Rotary on 0418 317 418.
Request for Winter Woollens
Article submitted by Emergency Management Chair - PDG Janne Speirs
As you would be aware, we have been doing an enormous amount of work in the East Gippsland Fire zone through our East Gippsland Rotary Fire Aid Committee. Throughout the current lockdown some loads of hay and also vouchers are being delivered using appropriate social distancing measures.
We are also working on a number of Global Grants which will be of wonderful benefit to many affected individuals and communities. Our Disaster Relief Trust has also been used to assist some families whose situation is even beyond the general losses felt by so many through this crisis and will be called on again as situations arise.

However, my call out at the moment is for knitted goods - naturally as people were re-clothed after the fires there was no real need or access to winter clothes. Obviously as the weather cools, the need for warm clothes is increasing and we have had two sources suggested to us.  As Clubs start to meet online, community projects may be less forthcoming so a visit to a local op shop may yield suitable children’s jumpers which could be purchased as a club effort, put in a bundle and sent off.

The other option is for all the knitters in the District to get those needles clacking!! Adult beanies, scarves in football team colours, children’s knits (my suggestion would be 2 through to 10-year olds), or even ‘fashion’ scarves would be the best idea.

There doesn’t seem to be a huge call for babywear, and I think while teens might enjoy the scarves, they would probably not go for handknitted jumpers as much.

If you, your family or your club would like to assist in this important task - not just for its practical value but also the moral support of those who’ve lost so much then please get knitting and send your finished products to me at the address below.
Many thanks in advance.
Membership Webinar
Supporting Health Services
Article submitted by District Governor Nominee Designate (DGND) Paul Mee
The Rotary Club of Rosebud Rye is supporting Health Services in South East Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.
Some months ago the Rotary Rosebud Rye Furniture Warehouse, received a generous donation of many boxes of disposable gloves used for cleaning and food preparation, from Mark Phelan General Manager of Bunzl Outsourcing. These gloves were stored “until needed” by the Rotary club. 
The COVID-19 Health Crisis has created significant demand for protective gowns, masks and gloves etc. Many health care professionals, and hospitals need increased supplies of these items. Rotary Rosebud Rye has just donated 20,000 disposable gloves to a network on the Mornington Peninsula .
The network is sourcing these items for distribution to Health Care Services, in the 10 local government areas South East of Melbourne CBD, to Dandenong then through the Mornington Peninsula to Sorrento.  The gloves will find their way into Medical Centres, Nursing Homes and Hospitals throughout this region.
End Polio Now Fundraiser
Submitted by Diane Wilkinson - Foundation Committee Chair, Rotary Club of Moe
The Rotary Club of Moe is selling bags of purple crocus bulbs to support End Polio Now (DG Partner’s Project), an important global initiative to eradicate polio. 
The purple bulbs represent the purple dye used to mark the little finger of children who have been vaccinated in endemic countries. 
Millions of children across the world now know that a freshly painted purple pinkie means freedom from Polio.
This is an initiative of the Foundation Committee of the Club.  The bulbs were ordered and received shortly before the Coronavirus situation saw the restrictions of social distancing in place.  However, the Club has continued to promote the project among our members and has been managing the purchase and delivery of orders while following these restrictions. 
Despite the challenges that we are all facing at the moment, let’s hope that when the bulbs bloom in lots of gardens in the Springtime, it will be a reminder of the good things that still happen in the world as the fight to eradicate polio continues.
Stay At Home
Poem submitted by Sandy Yeates, Rotary Club of Lakes Entrance
Updating your Club Constitution and By Laws
Article submitted by Past District Governor Tim Moore
All Presidents, Secretaries and President Elects have been sent a set of a Rotary International approved Club Constitution and editable By Laws, plus supporting documents.   These are courtesy of David Whiting, a solicitor in District 9800.   While I realise that these are not everybody’s cup of tea, they represent  an enormous saving in time and money for clubs.  At least $500 per club.   All incorporated clubs must register their rules and any changes with the Department of Consumer Affairs.   Over the last 6 years there have been many changes to our Rotary Constitution in 2016 and 2019 with the decisions of the Council on Legislation. Very few clubs have registered the necessary changes.   So, here is a gift you are welcome to take advantage of.
The benefit of the ones sent to your clubs is that the Constitution attached has been approved and is in sync with the Rotary International club constitution, with adaptations for Victoria.  This is no easy feat and almost impossible if done on a club basis.  Spaces are left for your club name and locality.   
The By Laws provided are editable and consistent with RI’s suggested club By Laws, but allowing for individual clubs who wish to adapt them.  These are not needed by Consumer Affairs, but guide your Club in its procedures for dealing with things like membership rights and privilege, new membership types and satellite clubs.  Both need to be approved by your club at an AGM or special meeting, then the Constitution forwarded to the Dept of Consumer Affairs.
If you have any queries in the first instance, please email PDG Tim, or call
0418 175 895
PS: there will be a new version  of the constitution sent to reflect an incorrect AGM deadline date – please ensure you have the one marked FINAL March 2020.
East Gippsland Cluster Completes Project for the Hope Restart Centre
Submitted by PP Peter Sindrey of Lakes Entrance, Project Manager
Four and a half years ago a grand project was conceived – to create a purpose-designed facility for the treatment of those in our community affected by alcohol and drug addiction. With the help of many donors, and significant grants from Federal and State Governments, the Hope Restart Centre has become a reality and its first residents are now arriving to undertake residential programs.
After more than a year of construction the Centre was planning a grand opening including a day for the community to view the whole site. Sadly, the COVID-19 challenges have meant that such an event is now on hold.
Since this facility was first conceived, the five Rotary Clubs in the East Gippsland Cluster have been great and generous supporters of the Centre, injecting many significant donations from the individual Clubs (Lakes Entrance, Bairnsdale, Bairnsdale Sunrise, Mitchell River and Orbost).
Further support came in 2019, when these five Clubs decided to come together to make a further joint and tangible contribution to the Centre. During the last 12 months, the Cluster has designed and constructed a Gazebo to be used by residents. This structure will provide an outdoor facility to be used during family visits, to complement sporting activities and as a place where Counsellors can hold group therapy sessions.
With the help of a District Grant, enough funds were raised to undertake and complete the Gazebo Project.  In particular, three individuals worked on the task, from conception to completion.  Our thanks go to:

Peter Sindrey (Lakes Entrance) – project management

Geoff Carpenter (Bairnsdale Sunrise) – entire construction

Malcolm Findlay (Bairnsdale Sunrise) – regulatory oversight and certification.

This has been a great demonstration of Rotary Clubs within a Cluster joining to fund and implement a project for the benefit of the broader community.  It will not be our last.
Vale Alan Cross
Great Cluster Vision by Peninsula
Submitted by District Governor Adrian Froggatt
Congratulations to AG Steve Daly and this year's Presidents from the Peninsula Cluster. Early in the year I challenged clusters during my visits to look for appropriate projects they could collaborate on as a team. At the next Peninsula Cluster meeting, the questions were asked:
Is there a Peninsula wide project that:
  • Is of value to Peninsula residents and visitors?
  • Increases Rotary’s Profile on the Peninsula?
  • Is sustainable over several years and the long term?
  • Can be undertaken by all the clubs, and benefit each of them?
  • Can recognise & celebrate the 100 years of Rotary in Australia in 2021 (though it may run longer).
There was. The Mornington Cluster has settled on providing amenities, all clearly labelled Rotary provided, for the missing pieces of the “Bay Trail” as they are added. Rotary and the local Council have been lobbying the state Government for funds to complete the trail. The Bay Trail is a walking and cycle trail ultimately to link Melbourne and Sorrento whose completion shows clear economic benefits for the Peninsula.
In just the last week or so, the Club Presidents and Presidents Elect have committed to this project. The whole project is expected to take 5 years with plans to start next Rotary year which happens to be our celebration year of 100 years of Rotary in Australia.
Well done Peninsula Cluster. I look forward to hearing about progress over the coming years.
Vale Charles Coy
Online Fundraising Promotion Tips
Article submitted by District  9820 Secretary Jane Moore
The Rotary Club of Frankston North has shown great initiative and good example of how a Club can fund raise in this time of social isolation by holding online Community Zoom Sessions.
There are a multitude of ways your Club can stay vibrant and attractive. In the face of imposed change, let's forge new opportunity!
Do you have an event you would like to promote?
Use your Club avenues of promotion - your bulletin, social media platforms (are you all on Facebook, zooming into Club meetings across districts, nationally, internationally, connecting through a club WhatsApp group?) Seek the assistance of your Assistant Governor
Use your District Avenues of promotion - district bulletin, Froggie's Chain Mail, district website and district Facebook page. 
District how to:  
  • promote in the monthly District newsletter by emailing editor Sam Mc Curdy at
  • promote on the District website,  Click on the "events" tab. Follow the simple instructions! There is also option to enter your online event into the "zoom meetings from around the world' function on the website home page.
  • promote your event on the District Facebook page by emailing Rob and Janet
The District email platform cannot be used to promote Club events.  This communication is reserved for the circulation of  District information and activity to alleviate email overload and burnout.
Now is the time to utilise our promotional capacity via information technology!
Rotary Peace Fellowship
We have two months left to recruit qualified candidates for the
2021-22 Rotary Peace Fellowship and we need your help!
As Rotarians, you play a key role in communicating information about Rotary Peace Centres programs to potential candidates. 
Send personalized emails with the fellowship announcement pdf to contacts within your network.
Do you know someone who could benefit from our program? Submit their name and email to our TRF Chair PDG Charlie Speirs and he will arrange a follow up with them.
Districts must submit endorsed applications to The Rotary Foundation by 1 July. General inquiries regarding the fellowship program may be sent to Remember that our district can endorse an unlimited number of qualified candidates without any cost.
Rotary International Zone 8 Humanitarian of the Year
Submitted by DG Adrian Froggatt from Information from Zone 8 Past RI Director Noel Trevaskis
This annual award recognises a person who, through their actions, is exemplary in his/her leadership, caring, and commitment to the welfare of humanity, either within Zone 8 or globally.  It is to be awarded to a person who inspires others to action, and who selflessly improves and enriches the lives of both individuals, and the greater society. The award can be for non-Rotarians or Rotarians.

IPDG Janne and I can each submit one nomination, as can every DG and IPDG in Zone 8. Our nominations need to be in by May 15.

If you know of a worthy person to nominate please complete the form and send it to DG Adrian by Wednesday May 5. Adrian and Janne will select the two to put forward to Zone.
Rotary Club of Frankston North Trivia Night
Article submitted by Glenn Ellam - Fundraising Director, Rotary Club of Frankston North
With the current restrictions on crowd numbers, we are thinking outside the square and trying something new and different in our Fundraising.  We are planning an online Trivia Night.
Our weekly Zoom meetings have been going well and we plan to do something similar to raise funds for our hospital project. If it works and we are confident that it will, it may assist other Clubs in their quest to raise project funds during these difficult and challenging times.
Naturally, we are using as many avenues of contact as we can to make it a success and so the request for your assistance.
The brochure is self- explanatory but if you would like more information, please phone me on 0401 390 673, or email me at
ZOOM Bingo
Submitted (after merciless plagiarizing) by DG Adrian Froggatt
As we all come to grips with using Zoom (or other Apps) for our online meetings there are lots of things that crop up repeatedly. Have you heard or seen the following during a zoom meeting?
  • Someone says “You’re muted”
  • Someone has forgotten to mute
  • Someone else appears in the background
  • Laughter
  • Someone has an alcoholic drink (usually red wine)
  • Someone has no video
  • Someone has no audio
  • Two people talk at once
  • Not showing real name on their video
  • Apologies for arriving late
  • Someone says “Can you hear me?”
  • Someone says “I can’t see everyone”
  • Can only see part of face
  • Someone is eating
  • And 16 more…..
If you have seen or heard these then you need to play Zoom Bingo. All you must do is copy the image and paste it into a new MS Word document and print.
You can then mark off all events as they happen and annoy your President or Chairman by shouting BINGO when you have completed the sheet. It is great fun!
Water Filtration for Six Villages in the Philippines
Extracts from a report prepared for PDG Tim Moore
A Global Grants project to provide safe water supply to residents of six remote villages in the Philippines using water filtration, is well on the way to completion.  The new water system project eases the plight of the students and teachers, as they will no longer fetch potable water far from their homes and schools.
Clean water is essential to the villages in order to prevent the transmission of waterborne pathogens. It also reduces the exposure of individuals to chemical and physical hazards that could be ingested through contaminated drinking water. Diarrhoea and other waterborne diseases still rank among the leading causes of illnesses in the country.
Some of the challenges faced by the project were:
  • The transportation route to some of the villages is mountainous and full of deep ravines, so the road worthiness of service vehicles and road safety were important
  • Some provinces posed a risk in terms of security, due to local warring factions
Despite these challenges, three of the six villages have now had Skyhydrant units, together with a new stainless steel water tank installed as a depository of clean water from the Skyhydrant.  The remaining three villages will have their installations completed before the end of June.  
D9820 Humour
Unashamedly Stolen from Rotary Club of Seaford-Carrum Downs
Unashamedly Stolen from Rotary Club of Frankston
Gartner Rates Zoom a Leading Meeting Solution
Source: Gartner Magic Quadrant for Meeting Solutions Report published September 2019
Many of us have been using Zoom for our meetings during the COVID-19 restrictions. For good reason! The highly regarded Gartner, a massive research, advisory and consulting group, rates Zoom against the others.