Mark's June message
Deja vu
Hello everyone. Well, here we are again. We started the year in a lockdown situation and guess what, we are back in a lockdown.
This is my last newsletter as District Governor. It has been a real honour and privilege to be the leader of our great District. It has certainly been an interesting year and it has thrown up some unique challenges. I am proud to say that our District has been a shining light and has achieved some amazing results. We have risen to the challenge we have shown how adaptable we can be.
Did you know we celebrated a 100-year birthday online? We had many club milestone celebrations online, we participated in online fund rising events, trivia nights, music nights, training events, The International convention online. Paul Harris presentations were made online, induction of new members online. We did it all.
I can honestly say, in November last year, I had the best chicken dinner at a Rotary meeting!!  It was the first face-2-face club visit – thank you Leongatha it was great.
We learnt to do things in a challenging time, our District training activities have been amazing. How many great speakers have our clubs had? In the past we looked at local for club speakers, now we look global. How good is that?
Finally, as the year progressed we started to get out and do more, see more, we attended fun runs, a time capsule internment, a Foundation dinner, many 100 year celebration events both lunch and dinner. We were having a great time. In fact, we were invited to attend a conference at District 9640, Queensland. It was a great privilege to be invited and participate in many activities. Including attending the launch of a satellite club, launching with 23 members! It was also fantastic to see our very own District Governor Nominee Designate Linda Humphries being presented with a Paul Harris sapphire pin for Australian wide Rotary R100 Baton. District Governor Andy and District Governor Nominee Designate Dave commented that the Rotary Baton project helped to showcase their District and helped to promote their major project “Rotary says NO to Domestic Violence".

Many great things have been achieved and many more will be. Thank you for your support in so many ways in making the Rotary year 2020/2021 truly one of Rotary opens opportunities.
It has been interesting over the past months watching how thing have unfolded both here and overseas. Everyone is experiencing COVID in a different way. We will beat this, but it will take time and patience.
As Rotarians we must be immensely proud of our organisation, right at the beginning we injected money into research for finding a vaccine. We have had World Health Organisation call on us to help show them how we tracing when we are immunising people against polio. Many Rotary clubs around the globe are working in their communities in many ways giving support to those that need it most.
During this our 4th lockdown, we need to look after and support each, perhaps more this time than last. We have tasted freedom, we have relished being back together, we have started to do great things in our communities. But that has been abruptly stopped. We must maintain contact with our members and our communities.
We must remember, at all times, follow the guidance of the State and Federal Governments.  More information can be found at  and
Last year I introduced the fireside chats as a way of connecting with each other across the District, the last scheduled fireside chat is on Monday 7th, lets all join together and laugh and reminisce the past year of fireside chats.
<Click here to join >  Meeting ID: 850 3660 4996   Passcode: 027268
Lets finish the year off with a bang, I will have my last bag of clinkers, I will have to choose between a glass of red and a single malt….. what will it be?
If the lockdown continues, I will have a fireside chat once a week until 30th June, the night will be at random.
Please everyone, look after yourself, look after your family and look after your community, in a COVID safe and in accordance with rules and regulations as they stand.
Knock Knock

June Issue 11 2021

Area of Focus: Rotary Fellowship


Rotary Fellowships Month
Rotary clubs indulge in fellowship activities.
  • Inter Club Meetings
  • Circulate 'Rotary Fellowship' literature
  • Promote RFE - Invite Speakers to share their experiences

Important dates
Taipei Convention
Have you registered for the International Convention Taipei 2021?
There is still time head over to < Click Here >
Come and join the fun, see what International Convention is all about. Don’t forget International Convention will be right here in Melbourne in 2023!!
Membership Update

From Your District Membership Team

It’s Time for a Club Health Check


Your District membership team is gearing up for a big year of membership growth but we need to take a look at what’s happening in your club. A club health check will make sure your club is fit for purpose and ready to attract new Rotarians and keep a positive experience happening for your valued members

Your Club Experience

Members who have a positive Rotary experience are more likely to stay. In turn, they create a positive Rotary experience for others, because their enthusiasm is contagious. If your club’s members genuinely enjoy being a part of the club, you’re on the right path. Your experience includes not just your club meetings and other activities, but also the connections you’ve made and your pride in Rotary’s  world of service.

Service and Socials

Participating in service and having fun with fellow members are the primary reasons Rotarians join and stay in Rotary. The healthiest clubs vary their activities and offer multiple ways to get involved. Try a new kind of social event or a different service experience and watch the impact it has on your club.


A healthy club is one that is growing and changing. Having members with diverse perspectives and backgrounds will fuel innovation and give your club a broader understanding of your community’s needs. Pay attention to how your members are feeling about the club. Research shows that one of the most common reasons members leave is that club leaders are not open to new ideas. Involving members and giving them a voice in their club’s future will strengthen both the club and members’ commitment to Rotary.


Clubs that have fun and make an impact are attractive to those who see that. A positive public image improves your club’s relationship with your community and prospective members. Make sure your club is getting the credit for the service you provide. Demonstrating that your club meets real needs confirms your value to your community.

Business and Operations

When your club runs smoothly, you likely have good leaders who are looking toward the club’s future. The leaders shape the club as a whole, and it’s crucial to have skilled people in those leadership positions. For this reason, leadership development is also a way to fortify your club.
Contact me – Linda Humphries for your own personalised club link to
  • Club Health Check
  • Member satisfaction survey
  • Representing your community
  • Diversity assessment
A Membership Focus on Young Leaders and Influencers in Rotary
- Join Box Hill Central Rotary Club on Wednesday 23rd of June at 7:30am (AEST) for a free, in-depth panel on
Youth in Rotary
Our speakers, profiled below, are all young Rotary speakers, leaders and influencers.
Click the link here to register for this free event.
Rotary Health 
Source: Mardi Shepherd Australian Rotary Health 2020-2021 Rotary District 9820
Saving Lives by investing in Research into Bowel Cancer Detection
Most Australians know someone who has been impacted by Bowel Cancer. For high income countries like ours, it’s one of the top ten causes of death. Thee best way to reduce this risk is early detection.
The current detection methods are either an invasive and expensive colonoscopy, or in Australia, the widely available and inexpensive national bowel cancer screening program. Only 40% of people offered this free screening avail themselves of it, and although it’s the best test we have, it is only 60% effective in identifying sufferers of bowel cancer. That’s still a lot of lives saved.
Mornington Rotary Club and Australian Rotary Health are very pleased to be sponsoring new research into a better way of bowel cancer screening. PhD candidate Liam Ryan, at Deakin University, is researching the use of cell based screening rather than relying on blood detection, used by the current national screening test.
Mornington Club President Ross Kilborn says that this research has the potential to save many more lives through more effective and earlier detection. “Mornington Rotary has had a long commitment to medical research. In the early 1980’s the club led research into sudden infant death syndrome, which evolved to the formation of Australian Rotary Health”.  Since then Australian Rotary Health has contributed over $50 million dollars to medical research, with an emphasis, since the early 2000’s on mental health, especially for young people.
Mornington Rotary has continued its commitment to Australian Rotary Health, having previously sponsored Bevan Main as a PhD candidate for research into Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE); a disease that has recently received much media attention for its impact on players in our football codes. The club is also currently sponsoring an Indigenous student, Molly King, in her studies to become a doctor, and enable her to realise her ambition of improving Indigenous health.
L to R, Ted Moore, Liam Ryan, Molly King, and Ken Bilham, Ross Kilborn.
(both Ted and Ken were members in 1981 when ARH was conceived)
This year Australian Rotary Health is celebrating its fortieth anniversary. Anyone can contribute to this valued research, or Australian Rotary Health, through either a donation or bequest in their will.
Mornington Club President, Ross, says “I am pleased to be contributing, as a funding partner, to this research into this new bowel screening approach in memory of my father Reg. I am sure there are many others who would like to join me in this important opportunity to improve our effectiveness and early detection, and minimise the distress caused by this disease”.
More information on Australian Rotary Health at
To contribute to the special 40th Anniversary Fundraiser   either click here  -  Or contact the Mornington Club President , Ross Kilborn  on 0412171666
Source: PDG Janne Speirs (incoming Assistant Regional Rotary Foundation Co-ordinator)
The tables below come from the incoming Regional Rotary Foundation Co-ordinator. They show the breakdown of Global grants 2020-2021. To me, the incredible table is the last one, which is COVID-19 specific and includes both Global grants and Disaster response grants.  An unbelievable effort by Rotarians around the world in helping with this global pandemic. D9820 become International partners with Rotary District 7475 in New Jersey, USA as they purchased extra ventilators for local hospitals.
The other exciting aspect is that three of the ‘Community and Economic Development’ Global grants are D9820 grants which assisted in drought and fire affected East Gippsland. (which is, of course, within our own District)
Rotary's new area of focus launch 
Drouin Rotary Club at Work
Source: Courtesy of The Warragul and Drouin Gazette
Recruiting participants for RYLA Conference 2022 
Source: Nigel Cousins District 9820 RYLA Chair 2020-2021
To: Club Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers and Youth Directors.
I am excited to announce that our district will be delivering a 6 day RYLA Conference taking place from Monday 17th January to Saturday 22nd January 2022 inclusive, at Rawson Village, Rawson, Victoria, just north of Moe. This is where we held our last 2019 RYLA. 
Sponsorship will be $1049.00 per participant, with an early bird price of $949.00 if sponsorship is paid by 30th October 2021.
This year, our neighbouring clubs of District 9810 are joining us! We have formed a joint District Rotary RYLA Committee. This is a fantastic opportunity for RYLA.
Participants will be selected by Rotary clubs to attend RYLA. RYLA gives the opportunity for attendees to attend a leadership program that many of them could not afford without sponsorship.  Their role will be to engage with the RYLA program by: Applying for RYLA through you, or directly via the RYLA web site. However, only Rylarians sponsored by a Rotary Club or through a Rotary Club will be considered, (It may be that employers, or other organizations, would wish to fund the RYLA participant, but that funding must go through the sponsoring Rotary Club). There is a limit of 60 places. Attending the full six days of RYLA Monday 17th January to Saturday 22nd January inclusive. Full attendance is compulsory.  Attendance in the pre and post RYLA program, including activities with your club. Engagement in a Rotary RYLA project.
Please make provisions for RYLA into your 2021-2 club budget. Whilst you are most likely to find your own RYLA participant, we will also be seeking suitable candidates across the district on your behalf. If you haven’t selected a candidate, it is extremely likely that your club will be asked to interview and sponsor a Rylarian. If, with Covid-19, you cannot afford RYLA this January, possibly you could work with your neighbouring or cluster clubs to share the sponsorship. We know that funds are very tight this year. As places are limited, your own candidates will receive priority. It would be great if you are able to let me know your club’s intentions. That way your RYLA Rotary Committee can support you more effectively!
Please start the search for new Rylarians and support our RYLA leaders with sponsorship. They are the key to making RYLA work and have demonstrated a long term commitment to Rotary.  Please join us in July for our RYLA launch. 
Thank you and best wishes,
Editors Note
Welcome to the June edition of Knock Knock.
This will be my last newsletter and I want to thank you for contributing your stories. Remarkable work is happening in our communities so please keep sending in your correspondence at: and watch out for a bold new newsletter format.