Sunday, 1st May in Federation University, Churchill - 9am for 9.30am 

& Sunday,15th May, Monterey Secondary College, Frankston - 9am for 9.30am

We acknowledge that some clubs have great distances to travel and this year we are offering District Assembly in two areas: Traralgon and Frankston. Please encourage all members of your club to attend. There isn’t any cost to the clubs associated with these days, and it will give club members an opportunity to see the ‘bigger picture’ of Rotary, to meet members from all over the district and to have a great day of increasing their Rotary knowledge and making new friends. District Governor Elect Lynne Westland


District History - Club Annual Reports

At the end of each Rotary year, club Presidents / Secretaries are requested to submit a copy of their Annual Report to our District Historian. Cluster Assistant Governors will be following up clubs to gather reports to enable the completion of the 1999 – 2008 (Volume 5) and compiling of the 2008 – onwards (Volume 6) of the District History. Clubs are requested to forward copies of their annual reports (hard copy or electronic format) to District 9820 Historian, Tim Gibson, 58 Bredt Street, Bairnsdale 3875 or emailed to  mobile 0408 721017


District Insurance & Youth Protection

Whilst most clubs are supportive in complying with the Insurance requirements many are not aware of the following:

Markets/Stallholders - The current national ruling in regards to vendors/stallholders at Rotary Markets and Events is No Insurance- No Entry. Stallholder’s Insurance cover can be arranged for those who do not provide evidence of a current Insurance program. The cost per stall is $6 per market. Note: This is not part of the Rotary Insurance Program. It is an additional Insurance program specific to stallholders. If vendors have to take up the Stallholders Insurance Program option, it is important that they be made aware of the following conditions prior to paying for the insurance. 
The Stallholders Insurance Policy does not cover any liability of the Insured (stallholder/vendor) directly or indirectly arising out of 
 a) Second Hand Mechanical and Electrical Goods and Toys  
 b) Medicines, Potions, Oils, Fragrances, Soaps and Beauty Products * 
 c) Massage, Manipulation, Chiropractic Treatment or Similar  
 d) Hazardous, Flammable or Dangerous Goods
  * Coverage for these products may be considered if their ingredients are predominantly natural.   
Considering these exclusions, if a vendor is selling the above goods/services, but hasn't got evidence of own insurance, then entry should not be allowed. 
Youth Programs - Some clubs are not aware that a Rotary Youth Volunteer Declaration Form (Form 3) has to be completed by all relevant persons, including those that have a Working with Children (WWC) and those exempt from a WWC. Also, all persons living with the host family (Youth Exchange Program) and aged 18 years are subject to these requirements.
Full information is available on the District 9820 website under Members/District Policies/Youth policy (login is required).
Frank Spiteri
District 9820 Insurance Officer
Youth Exchange Cook Books Raise Funds for The Rotary Foundation

Recently the District 9820 Youth Exchange Students put together a recipes of the world cook book. These were recipes were from the students home countries. As a result of the sales a total of $1040 was raised for The Rotary Foundation. Congratulations to all .


Youth Exchange 2016 - 2017

For the incoming Rotary year, to date 15 Youth Exchange Students will be hosted by our District Clubs. The youth exchange program is a wonderful opportunity for young people to to visit another country and experience different cultures.


New RDU Director

Tim Moore, Past District Governor and member of the Rotary Club of Berwick has been elected as a member of the Board of Director of Rotary Down Under. This position is for a three year term. Well done Tim



The new RDU Supplies website is now live and ready to take your orders.
Go to  to order your club's supplies and view our range of 2016-2017 theme merchandise.


Appointment District Governor 2018-19

The District 9820 Nominating Committee for District Governor met and considered candidates for the position of District Governor 2018-19. The Committee has selected - Janne Speirs, of the Rotary Club of Traralgon. 


"Eddie The Eagle" Film Night

A number of clubs or clusters recently conducted Polio Eradication fund raising nights with a pre release viewing of the film "Eddie the Eagle". From all reports, the film nights were a great success with substantial funds being raised. Well done to all those who participated.


BowelScan – Awareness Program 2016

Bowel scan is part of a community bowl cancer awareness program supported by Australian Rotary Health. In 2014/15 over 730 people had positive bowelscan tests in the Victorian program. Some of these tests were confirmed as cancer or other conditions requiring treatment. This year the Bowelscan program is running from May 1st to May 31st. The bowel scan kits cost $15.00 and are available from a local pharmacy. It is recommended that every person over the age of 40 years should be tested biannually. People with a family history of bowel cancer should bring this to the attention of their medical practitioner and consider screening from their mid 20’s. Persuade your family and friends to participate in this program. If you require information on the use of the kit or information on the Rotary Bowelscan program contact 1300 779 694

April - Maternal & Child Health
Child Health Care
9 million children under the age of five die each year due to malnutrition, poor health care, and inadequate sanitation.
What we can do

*  Provide immunizations and antibiotics. Measles, malaria, pneumonia, AIDS, and diarrheal diseases are the leading causes of death in children under five.

*  Promote good nutrition, including encouraging breastfeeding. Children who are fed breast milk are stronger and less vulnerable to disease than those who are not.

*  Prevent mother-to-infant HIV transmission by encouraging the use of antiretroviral drugs and formula feeding.




IT and Membership Issues Live and Online!
Over the next couple of months the IT and Membership committees will be presenting topics that are of help to district members. These will take the form of a Go to Meeting – a software package that allows you to join at your own home. Used widely by district for meetings, and recently at the popular recent Foundation Seminars, it allows interested members to gain ideas and answer questions. Video is optional, but a Pc/Notebook with a microphone and speakers is best. When you connect to a session, software is downloaded to your computer.
Every Rotarian Every Year
Every Rotarian, Every Year aims to engage every Rotary club member in the life-changing programs of our Rotary Foundation. The purpose of the EREY initiative is to
• Encourage every Rotarian to participate in a Foundation program every year
• Encourage every Rotarian to personally contribute to the Foundation’s Annual Fund every year
With their volunteerism and generous philanthropy, Rotarians are at the heart of The Rotary Foundation’s mission to eradicate polio and further Rotary’s humanitarian and educational programs worldwide.
Financial support for the Annual Fund from every Rotarian is the key to helping rebuild suffering communities and nations by resolving conflict, eradicating disease, providing safe water, feeding the hungry, educating children and adults, and alleviating poverty. Every Rotarian, every project, and every contribution makes a difference every year.
  • The Centurion  Program (within Australia). A person who completes a Commitment themselves to a contribution to the Rotary Foundation of at least AUD$ 100 annually for as long as they are able.
  • Rotary Foundation Giving - Individual giving to The Rotary Foundation is tax deductible through: The Australian Rotary Foundation Trust. Direct debit facilities are available.
  • Information on opportunities to donate to The Rotary Foundation – inquiries to PDG Charlie Speirs
District Financial Support to Disasters
Funds from the District 9820 Emergency Relief Fund have been used to financially support recent disasters interstate and overseas. At a recent District Leadership meeting the following funding was approved –
*  West Australia Bush Fire Appeal initiated through the Rotary Club of Pinjarra Bush Fire Appeal - $5,000.

*  Cyclone Winston Disaster in Fiji - $5,000 to Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) which is co-ordinating a multi District (Australia) appeal to fund  future building & support projects within Fiji.

*  Cyclone Winston Disaster in Fiji – Disaster Aid Australia (International) - $2,500 towards supporting recovery initiatives in the Fiji Islands.

These funds have originated from donations to the District 9820 Emergency Relief Fund. If clubs wish to, they may individually support these Rotary emergency response programs or they may like to donate funds directly to the District 9820 Emergency Relief Fund. Your club funds would then be distributed to the individual appeal. A number of clubs have already provided financial assistance to these disasters and programs and your assistance is much appreciated.

Donations can be individually made to the Rotary Australia World Community Service at:
Rotary Peninsula 2.0 Birth Tree Project
Rotary Peninsula 2.0 conducted their first Birth Tree Unveiling Ceremony on 6th March, commemorating the birth of babies born during 2015. This initiative, located at Montague Park on Kars Street in Frankston, will create a lifelong connection for children with their place of birth, and allow them to watch the Birth Tree (an Acer Negundo ‘Sensation’) grow with them throughout the years.  Project Leader, Past President Kim Schroder said, “Planting trees in recognition of births is a valuable way of encouraging lifelong connections between children, their city of birth and their local environment.”
Lunch with Rotary International President Nominee Ian Riseley
The Victorian Rotary Districts: 9780. 9790, 9800, 9810 and 9820 invite you to join Rotary International President Nominee Ian Riseley and Juliet at lunch and wish them well as they embark on their lead up year before becoming President of Rotary International in 2017-18. Ian will tell us something of the 2 years that lie ahead as he becomes the Fifth Australian to assume the highest office in Rotary.
Where: Whitehorse Club 298-336 Burwood Highway, East Burwood.
When: 12.30 for 1.00pm Sunday 19th June 2016
Two course lunch including drinks
Cost: $45 per person (Tables of 10 available)
Dress Code: Smart casual.  RSVP: Friday 10 June 2016
Payment can be made to RI District 9810 Inc. by:  EFT: BSB 633-000 Account NO. 132503590     Reference: Name/Club – IanR or cheque payable to Rotary International District 9810 Inc.  c/- PDG Bob Richards, 98 Bay Road, Sandringham 3191 together with the booking record. If paying by EFT please scan booking record and email to Enquiries to Bob Richards 9521 9345 or 0403 468111
RYLA - Rotary Youth Leadership Awards 2016
26th - 28th August 2016 at Forest Edge Camp, Neerim.
RYLA is a premier youth leadership development program designed to promote proactively, personal and professional development of  Australian youth who have already been identified with exceptional leadership potential. RYLA recruits only the high calibre of young people and offers this group the chance to access some influential and motivational speakers; experts in a variety of fields and provide skills that will translate into the workforce and community.
20th - 22nd May 2016
Forrest Edge Camp, Neerim South
As schools have now returned from holidays, it is time to contact your local Secondary Schools and discuss their participation in this year’s MUNA. Last year we hosted 32 delegations (maximum) from across the District.  Based on our previous experience, I can assure you that sponsoring a delegation ($650.00 for a team of two persons) will be a great investment by your Club in Youth. A valuable benefit of the program is the change in participants’ perceptions about Rotary. Many have commented that they previously thought Rotary was a conservative, politically correct organization for older people. However their MUNA experiences have changed those views and they have become an important group of ambassadors for the work of Rotary in their communities.
Download forms and documents from the District 9820 Website.
Rotary's Six Areas of Focus
Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation recognize that focusing service in these areas of focus can
  • Provide direction to Rotarians interested in developing service projects
  • Improve Rotarians’ capacity to address needs
  • Show the world that Rotary is a global leader in humanitarian service
The needs spanning Rotary’s six areas of focus are vast, ranging from lack of access to clean water to the need for immunizations that prevent deadly diseases.
Peace and conflict resolution
Disease prevention and treatment
Water and sanitation
Maternal and child health
Basic education and literacy
Economic and community development
Download the Rotary's Six Areas of Focus Guide