Contact: Carol Crewe

District Grants Qualification Seminars are to be held once again, as “Zoom Meetings” so that Rotarians will not have to travel far, enabling us all to save time and money. We have again selected 4 session times in an attempt to cater for everyone. Duration of each seminar will be approximately one hour. To book a time it will be “first in best dressed” with a maximum of 15 participants (computers) per session.

The date and times are:

Sunday, 11th April 2021

1st Seminar -        9.00 am

2nd Seminar -      11.00 am

3rd Seminar -       5.00 pm

4th Seminar -       7.00 pm


What you have to do by 24th March 2021 is:

1. Book a time for your Club.

2. Nominate who will be participating in the seminar (preferably  the President Elect and/or the Foundation Chairman/Director of your Club).

3. Nominate one email address for those participating to gather at.

4.  Send the above details to either Geoff Magor ( or Charlie Speirs (


Note:  To become qualified for a Foundation District Grant in 2021-22, a Club must have had at least one member participate in the Qualification Seminars. Clubs which do not have a representative participating will be ineligible to apply for Grants in 2021-22.