2018 Membership Forum
District Membership Forum
Many thanks for a fantastic day on Saturday October 13. Those involved in the organisation and presentations for the Membership Forum did a wonderful job and it was great to see the involvement and interest of a good number of Rotarians and Rotaractors from across the District.
While membership is one of the major thrusts of the Rotary International Strategic Plan it is also an area in which I am intensely interested and so it was a real thrill for me to see the energy and interest of those in attendance on the weekend.
From my standpoint the main areas to take away are:
  • We now have our three-year District membership plan up and running and we need to keep that in the forefront of our planning and thoughts.
  • We need to be proactive about recruitment of new members that reflect the diversity of our local area but equally to ensure the ongoing support and wellbeing of our current members as well as mentoring of the new members.  Be 'brave' and talk to people about becoming involved in projects, etc as a way of igniting their interest.
  • Remember that 30 second 'why I am a Rotarian!' comment to have up your sleeve so you get people in when they ask the question.
  • Look at having a Rotary Day for your Club or Cluster to encourage more knowledge about us in the community - all you need to do is tweak an upcoming event to have an extra Rotary information area! 
  • We have the flexibility of making sure that our meetings are reflective of what is important to us and will be attractive to potential members but please use that flexibility wisely and not as a stop gap measure.
  • We must NOT let the learnings, energy and enthusiasm of the weekend just go onto the back burner instead of being an ongoing development opportunity. It is vital that we maintain our momentum in attracting and retaining new, sustainable, long term members.
  • We have solid ongoing development possibilities with a provisional Rotaract Club under way as well as investigation about to commence for new clubs on our Eastern fringe as well as the best way to service our Far East Gippsland townships.
  • We must use the resources available to us whether they be online through My Rotary, District support or Barbara Mifsud and her team in Parramatta.  Please get assistance wherever you may need it.
Let's continue to 'Be the inspiration' as we work together.
DG Janne

Rotary International President has stated that keeping Rotary relevant and thriving into our second century while continuing to enhance our members’ lives takes a willingness to be innovative, seek out diversity, and adapt to changing needs.
The Forum held on 13 Oct 18 was structured to give ideas and resources so that you can look at your individual Clubs because there is no one approach to membership that works for all clubs.  Please review the presentations from day together with other resources referred during the sessions which are now available, links top left of this page.
Please also note that the Membership Committee is ready to assist any Club that needs help either facilitating a review or putting together a Membership Plan to grow and strengthen your Club.
David Hanlon
District 9820 – Membership Chair
E:    membership@district9820.org
M: 0414 996 798