Join us at Wangaratta in 2016

Registering for the District 9820 Conference could not be easier. 

The Conference Committee has kept the required information they need to collect to a minimum, so registration can be as simple as filling in your name, your phone number and the activities you would like to attend. The online EFT form is by far the most popular and quickest way to put your name down.
LOOK, Here it is below! Just fill it in right now and you are registered! (Allows EFT or Cheque Payments). Confirmation sent to your specified email address.
If you are having trouble seeing this embedded form in your browser, CLICK HERE to view just the form.
But wait, there is more....ways of putting your name down.

Paper (Allows Cheque or EFT Payments)

Download the PDF Form, fill it in and mail it in.  DOWNLOAD HERE

Online through MyEventRunner (allows PayPal/ Credit Card, EFT and Cheque Payments)

Click on this LINK to open the form.

What if I have a problem registering or am unsure of what to do?

Registering is supposed to be easy, but sometimes things don't quite go right and you need some help. No problems!
Most things can be easily fixed by sending David Button an email at