District Assembly 2019 Presentations
Purpose of the District Assembly
  • To prepare incoming club leaders for their year in office and build their leadership team
  • To give the district governor-elect and incoming assistant governors and district committees the opportunity to motivate club leadership teams and build their working relationship
  • Provide members of Rotary clubs the opportunity to learn more about the different programs of Rotary and to have the opportunity to become involved at club and/or district level
  • Provide a fellowship experience for the members of the different Rotary clubs of District 9820
Incoming club officers
Committee members
New members
Interested members
Potential members
Let's face it, EVERY Rotarian can learn something at a 
District Assembly
2017 Introduction
This year the District 9820 assembly was held at Federation University in the lovely Gippsland town of Churchill. The Assembly was well attended with just over 200 Rotarians attending. A encouraging turn out considering the 120 attending last year split over two locations.
Bill Degnan from the Rotary Club of Traralgon Central and his team built up a great program of speakers. It was well paced and snappy. No time for falling asleep which was very good!
The morning session was dedicated to DG Lynne Westland and DGN Don Ripper going through the highlights of this Rotary year as well as what to expect in the coming Rotary Year. DG Lynne was wonderful with her not yet completed summary of her year.
DGN Don spoke about the year ahead and what he hoped that District 9820 could achieve. He also presented the theme message from RI President Nominee Ian Riseley. See it CLICK HERE.
DGN Don’s wife Jude announced her project for the coming Rotary year. It involved every Rotarian in District 9820 to plant a tree and help the environment. That means 1500 trees in District 9820 will owe their existence to Jude by the end of the next Rotary year. Hopefully, that is only the start! Our environment needs all the help it can get.
A donation to LandCare is also available to Clubs through Jude’s project.
Plants are amazing things. They help convert CO2 to oxygen, beautify our surrounds, give other creatures a place to live (or dine) and calm our nerves.  Please support Jude’s project for the coming year.