#Mighty Merv: Embracing a whole new world.

Merv has been an active member of the Rotary Club of Mount Martha since 1984. He has served two terms as President in 1991/92 and 2009/10 and has served on the board in many roles including club secretary.
At District level, Merv performed in a number of committee roles at district conferences in 1990, 1997 and 2011. Team leader of Group Study Exchange to District 1640 Normanby, France in 1997 and served on the District Foundation Committee as chair of Group Study Exchange and Grants, Programs and Administration. He has been an Assistant Governor (Peninsula Group) and on the District Training Team.
Merv was a Sergeant with Victoria Police and retired in 2010 after 36 years of service mainly on the Mornington Peninsula. Living in Mount Martha and married to Christine, who works in Strategic Leadership and Coaching for a non for profit Christian organisation.
They have two children Kylie and Rohan together with 6 grand children. His hobbies include golf, gardening, and caravanning. He is a member of the New Peninsula Baptist Church and performs voluntary work on the property development and gardens.