Shine On Awards

This is an outstanding annual Australia-wide Rotary recognition program acknowledging exceptional service to others by people with disabilities.

Clubs may nominate people who meet the criteria and all nominees will receive recognition with a Certificate of Commendation. The 'Shine On' recognition acknowledges service to the community by people with disabilities.

Guidelines for Nomination

  • Eligible Nominees are people who are actively involved in community service for the benefit of others and have demonstrated a significant level of achievement whilst managing a specific medical disorder/disability.
  • A Rotary Club must endorse all nominations for the Rotary Southern Districts' ‘Shine On’ recognition program.
  • Nominations may be made by clubs, associations or individuals aged 21 years and over. A nominee must sign a consent form and include a small or passport-sized photo.

Eligibility Criteria for a Nominee

  • She/he is an Australian citizen and has been for at least three years
  • She/he has a specific disability, and
  • She/he has consistently given dedicated service to the community


  • Young Nominees: aged 15 years to 25 years (at closing date for nominations)
  • Adult Nominees: aged 25 years and over

Required information supporting a nomination

  • Consent Form signed by the Nominee
  • Information demonstrating nominee's personal achievements
  • Information re: leadership and/or special service to his/her community
  • References (at least two) verifying achievements

Examples of personal achievement:

  • Leadership and/or mentoring of others with the disability
  • Membership and/or leadership in community groups
  • Service to the community and/or a history of community achievement
  • Other special awards or forms of recognition

Other Information:

  • A previous nominee may be proposed no less than four years after initial nomination when further achievements have been demonstrated.
  • Any club or association may nominate more than one person.
  • Include your local Rotary Club's name; contact person; phone/email details and address.

For more information, please contact, 

Lara Barrett
RI Southern Districts Shine On Awards Committee