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RAWCS ( Rotary Australia World Community Service)

Do you, or your Rotary Club want to:

  • Join and approved overseas project?
  • Give Clean and Continuous Water supplies?
  • Join a Literacy Program?
  • Teach Islanders vocational skills?
  • Help them to be self sufficient?
  • Build a Library, a House, or a Warehouse?

RAWCS assists Rotary Clubs in Australia with the development and management of international community service projects. Whether it is projects to help rebuild in the aftermath of disaster, programs to bring education to countries where illiteracy stifles development, or bringing health care and medical aid to those who can least access it. RAWCS so often has a hand in helping the world stand on its feet.


To encourage and foster the advancement of International goodwill, peace and understanding through meaningful World Community Service projects with the active participation of Australian Rotarians and Rotary Clubs.


We, in District 9820 are part of the RAWCS Southern Region, one of 5 Regions in Australia representing Districts 9780, 9790, 9800, 9810, 9820, and 9830. Each Region has its own Committee, representing the Rotary Districts and Clubs within their Region.




Project Volunteers:

RAWCS encourages the sending of teams of volunteers to developing countries with the aim of providing much needed facilities, especially in health and education.

Each year over 400 RAWCS teams assist with projects in many of our near neighbor countries.


Funding Project Liaison:

This program deals with the collection and distribution of donated funds towards suitable and approved projects.


Donations in Kind (DIK):

Rotarians have access to items that have no further use in Australia, but can serve urgent needs in developing Countries. DIK coordinates the collection, despatch and delivery of items. We share a warehouse with District 9800, located in West Footscray, which provides a service to facilitate the storage, packing and transportation of goods donated within the Southern Region.


DIK has despatched hundreds of container loads of goods since its inception.

For detailed information of the use of this facility, contact either our District RAWCS Chair, PDG Kel. Hobby on  Tel: 5988 9003, Mob; 0418 588 194, or Email: kelandjill@gmail.com .   OR

D9800 DIK Co – ordinator, Laurie Fisher on Tel: 0428 550 574, or Email: dik.vic.rotary@gmail.com


Safe Sanitation and Water Saves Lives ( SSWSL):

RAWCS Project volunteers travel to various countries for a period of approximately ten days to instruct the nationals in the skills of concrete tank construction, or other types of tanks, or tube wells.


Rotarians Against Malaria (RAM):

Since 1990, Australian Rotarians and Rotary clubs have been involved in numerous worldwide projects in the battle against Malaria. Then in 1997 the majority of Australian Rotary Districts adopted a coordinated approach by agreeing to pool resources and funds in a joint “malaria control project” in the Solomon Islands. It is now operating in several of our near neighbor countries.


Closely associated with the RAM program is the Adopt – a – Village program, where funds provided by Rotary Clubs are used to provide                                                                                                  long life insecticide impregnated mosquito nets for a village.


The total income to cover the costs of administering all of the activities of RAWCS is our annual donations.

With its Tax Deductible status, and being a non – profit organisation, RAWCS can tap into donations from Private Ancillary Funds, which include corporate and charitable trusts.




Refer to:         www.rawcs.com.au