1. It’s a passing fad - much like the industrial revolution, combustion engine and the motor car, the social media fad will disappear
  2. Club members are at risk of having different communication options which has the disastrous effect of increased club engagement
  3. There is clear evidence that clubs sharing on social media have reached new Rotary participants resulting in the awkward issue of increased membership
  4. The Public will discover your events and may increase your fundraising value, this means extra work for your Treasurer
  5. This open communication style is the culprit behind the exposure of secret Rotary meeting protocols and is guilty of changing public opinion regarding the ‘old white man’ perception
Meddling in social media has some very obvious dangers. We encourage clubs that are staunch advocates of the ‘No Change’ and ‘We Having Been Doing It this Way for 20 Years’ policies to keep doing what you are doing, don’t give in to fresh and interesting ways, don’t be dazzled by the promise of increased participation by club members, or growing membership or even this concept of ‘fun’.
These new generation clubs that insist on moving Rotary forward and being active part of the community will pass. Resist the temptation to join in with these forms communication, do not take up this opportunity for positive action to promote your clubs activities, events and involvement in your community. Protect the way you make a difference in the world by holding that information safe within the confines of your club.
For clubs who are looking to promote their club in new and interesting ways, who are looking to create thriving and vibrant clubs - please continue to read this segment each month.
Linda Reeve
District 9820 Membership
Past President Frankston Peninsula 2.0