A Vocational night was held at Alameda Homestead Nursery in Devon Meadows. It was a great evening with just under 100 people attending with many  Rotary clubs represented.
David Button, President of Berwick Rotary, owner of the Alameda Homestead Nursery, took us on a guided tour of the operation. Roast dinner was served followed by fruit salad and cheese.  An awesome night - thank you David for the opportunity.

 Find out more about the David’s range of plants and the famous Clematis range <Click here>
 COVID-19 has thrown up  interesting challenges for everyone. Funno's (AKA Adrian Funston) challenge was the HAIR. At the conclusion of the night, Funno decided to have his man bun removed. But, not before some serious fund raising had taken place.  Thanks to Jen for the idea. Funno's golden locks fundraising was for the Leukemia Foundation. By the end of the evening the tally had risen considerably, just over $2000 was raised, and the locks came off!!
Funno did say, "I have booked an appointment with the hairdresser at 9:00am tomorrow". He didn’t take up my offer of using my clippers.
Well done everyone, great night and what a great way to end the evening. We all had a good laugh.