Submitted by DG Adrian Froggatt
Image from Stephen Sennet paper
We are facing interesting times due to the gathering restrictions and public and Rotarian health risks as the restrictions ease. See my advice in the COVID-19 Update story above.
An excellent guide and suggestions paper has been put together by Rotarian Stephen Sennet from the Rotary E-Club of Melbourne with tips about virtual (online) changeovers. I recommend you review this before finalizing your plans. You can view this here.
Hybrid Changeover
An option not covered by Stephen Sennet is a hybrid changeover – part physical gathering and part online where perhaps the outgoing President, President Elect and a small additional group are together with the actual passing over of the chain captured by the video feed to the rest of the members and guests. Rooms in Zoom could be used to replace a “table” at the Changeover. Breaks could be taken in the programme so each room can have a chat as they would at the table. Toasts can be made. How far we could go is only limited by our imaginations!
If you would like someone from District to attend, then you will need to get invites in soon. Outgoing DG, incoming DG, DGN and DGND look forward to invites.