Rotary has desinated months to help clubs Develop meeting agendas, projects, or public image campaigns based on these special occasions.

The Concept is to give all the clubs of the District a Ready Reckoner of the types of Service Projects, which could be indulged, during the Year, and help plan the activities of the year, mostly based on the Rotary Calendar i.e. Rotary Designated Months.

July - (Non Designated Month)

Start of new Rotary officers' year of service.

  • Tree Plantation
  • Reduce, Re-Use, Re-Cycle Waste


August - Membership & Extension Month

Membership and New Club Development Month, a time to focus on Rotary's continuing need for growth, to seek new members and form new clubs.

  • Update your classifications list and circulate amongst members and accordingly fill up the Vacancies
  • Educate members about membership Procedure
  • Induct New Members
  • Invite Rotaractors to join Rotary
  • Consider inviting Local Personalities to be Inducted as Honorary Members
  • Organise Seminar on Club level & a Public meeting inviting non-rotary friends and Rotary Alumni to emphasis Advantages of Joining Rotary


September - Basic Education & Literacy

Area of Focus: Basic Education and Literacy Month, Promote Literacy and It's a time when Rotary clubs and districts highlight Rotaract by joining in projects with their Rotaract clubs.

  • Initiate Adult Education class
  • Involve Youngsters / High School Students as Teachers
  • Initiate E-Learning / Happy School Projects
    Distribute Books
  • Arrange Traffic Awareness Lectures in Schools


October - Economic and Community development

Area of Focus: Economic and Community Development Month. This month also includes International Day for the Eradication of Poverty on the 17th and World Polio Day on the 24th of October.

  • Develop a Micro Credit system
  • Organise Awareness Seminar on Self-Employment at High Schools/Universities
  • Organise Trade Exhibitions
  • Organise Buyers-Sellers meets
  • Take up an Entrepreneurship Development Program or organise a Consumer Forum


November - Rotary Foundation

Rotary Foundation Month. Clubs and Districts call attention to the programs of The Rotary Foundation and frequently cultivate additional financial support for the Foundation by promoting contributions for Paul Harris Fellows and Sustaining Members.






December - Disease Prevention and Treatment

Area of Focus: Disease Prevention and Treatment Month. This month includes: World AIDS Day on the 1st and International Day of Disabled Persons on the 3rd of December

  • Organise Medical Camp - Health Awareness for Eye Care / Dental Care
  • Providing equipment such as Artificial Limbs, Wheel Chairs and Calipers to the Physically Challenged Peoples i.e. Polio Sufferers
  • Provide low-income persons with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities to improve their diet, physical activity and other life habits to prevent, delay, or control, chronic diseases
  • Initiate actions to prevent and control diabetes, heart diseases, obesity and associated risk factors


January - Vocational Services

Vocational Service Month During this period, clubs highlight the importance of the business and professional life of each Rotarian. Special activities promote the vocational avenue of service.

  • Distribute Four-way Test
  • Distribute Vocational Awards to outstanding individuals, Arrange Vocational Visits
  • Awareness seminar on career guidance
  • Start Vocational Education / Skill Guidance Centre.
  • Start Part Time Consultancy centre
  • Helping Physically Challenged people to gets jobs


February - World Understanding

Vocational Service Month During this period, clubs highlight the importance of the business and professional life of each Rotarian. Special activities promote the vocational avenue of service.

  • Organise 'MUNA' (Modal United Nations Assembly)
  • Engage in the reconciliation of broken families, restoring the relationship
  • Help people to live in peace with their families and their neighbours
  • Assist young single mothers who are victims of sexual abuse through training them with self-help projects. e.g. Opening a small business that may help them with their children


March - Water & Sanitation

Area of Focus: Water and Sanitation Month. This month also includes the World Rotaract Week from the 7th until 14th of March.

  • Create awareness on water conservation by Street play / Banners / Literature Distributions / Seminars at club level and for the local community
  • Rainwater harvesting awareness
  • Clean Drinking Water at Railway Stations, Bus Stations, Schools or Public Places, Re-use of Waste Water
  • Create public toilet facilities, create awareness on sanitation at schools - Economically challenging areas
  • Create sewage / concealed drainage system, bore wells, build check dams
    providing carriers (Transportation Systems) to carry water pots


April - Maternal & Child Health

Area of Focus: Maternal and Child Health Month. This month also includes the Birthday of Paul Harris on the 19th of April.

  • Address the issue of malnutrition in Children and Pregnant Women
  • Develop a Hygiene Education program for school going children
  • Conduct Awareness Seminars
  • Provide Low-income, Underinsured women with the knowledge, skills and opportunities to improve their diet, physical activity, and other life habits to prevent, delay, or control chronic diseases
  • Promote School Health
  • Promote the adoption of physical activity in early child care centres, schools and work sites


May - New Generation

Youth Service Month, Rotary clubs of the world give special emphasis to the many Rotary-sponsored programs which serve children and young people.

  • Sponsor New Interact / Rotaract Club
  • Organise Drawing / Painting / Elocution competition in schools
  • Awareness campaign about problems & need for survival of Future Generations


June - Rotary Fellowship

Rotary Fellowships Month, Rotary clubs indulge in fellowship activities.

  • Inter Club Meetings
  • Circulate 'Rotary Fellowship' literature
  • Promote RFE - Invite Speakers to share their experiences