Posted by Janet Pugh
Request for inclusion in the newsletter can be made using this email address.  

Last month,135 Rotarians opened this newsletter which is a huge drop in our readership from the 572 the previous month: 


There is a lot we can do to improve the readership: 

1. Ask your fellow Rotarians if they have received the newsletter and if not, ask them to search for it in their spam folder. They may have inadvertently unsubscribed. 
2. Ask your club Secretary to review the email list in Club Runner.  
3. Review your email set up  so you can see the photos in the newsletter. It is possible to read the newsletter without viewing the pictures and this may result in the system not 'seeing" that you have opened it. Did you know the system relies on a small pixel embedded in the email to establish if the email has been opened?  
Janet Pugh 
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