Happy New Year to all Rotarians, family and friends. I hope everyone had a safe and exciting Christmas with family and have managed to fit some holiday and relaxation in.
I had a wonderful 2 weeks visiting my elder daughter in New Zealand and was looking forward, like most Rotarians, to quietly easing back into Rotary activity in the first half of January.
“Tell him he’s dreaming” is a line I recall from a well-loved Australian movie!  I sure was - mother nature had some serious disruption planned for East Gippsland residents and holiday visitors with the catastrophic fires.
You can’t keep Rotarians down though – in the blink of an eye the East Gippsland Rotary Fire Aid committee had been formed, initial funding had been secured, further fundraising was underway and recovery efforts being planned. More information later in ChainMail, but wow, what an effort!
This is also the time to be thinking about the future.  There are some very clever Rotarians, one in particular Evan Burrell, who is a real guru in the Public Image area. I was really taken with his “New Year Rotary Resolutions”. We could all do well to adopt these: