Posted by PDG Graham Jones AM
Changing lives is what the Malaria Vaccine Project is all about.
Our passion is to change the lives of all those people who live in malaria-endemic countries and more particularly to save the lives of the 500,000 young children and pregnant women who die of malaria every year. We share with Rotarians Against Malaria (RAM) the goals of both controlling and eliminating malaria; however, our efforts are focused on elimination by enabling Professor Michael Good's (Institute for Glycomics-Griffith University) promising vaccine PlasProtecT to safeguard lives against malaria.
So far, with the help of Rotarians and other donors and sponsors in Australia and New Zealand we have raised $1.275 million towards this malaria vaccine research. This includes a very generous matching grant of $500,000 from the Federal Government in 2019.
It is my pleasure to present you our second Newsletter for 2021. Both Professor Michael Good and Dr Danielle Stanisic have written articles on the scientific program and I have contributed an update on the Project. The common message coming through these articles is that COVID 19 will have exacerbated the problems associated with malaria control in endemic countries.  There is also a heart-rending story from a Ugandan student who read about our project. It will bring tears to your eyes but it highlights the very essence of what we are about and why we are so thankful for your generous support.
Please continue to support the Malaria Vaccine Project  in your district so that we can eliminate the needless loss of these young children and pregnant women.
I am happy to do or arrange Zoom talks with any club in your district and Professor Michael Good and Dr Danielle Stanisic are excellent speakers at district conferences.