What a momentous month August has been!
  1. Tough COVID restriction
  2. Membership month
  3. Fireside Chats
  4. Nigeria Certified Polio free
Our District is a 2 speed District, some with stage 4 restrictions others with stage 3. All I am going to say is, WE ARE STRONG we will get through these tough times. When we emerge, we are going to peddle to the floor and full speed ahead as we will be leading the race to reconnect and engage with our communities. What opportunities are you and your club going to grab?
 August is membership and club development month, a time to focus on and appreciate your members and celebrate their devotion to the club and the impact they have made. It's also a time to think about developing strategies around growing your membership. The reason why Rotary is such a successful organization is because it is full of members that have one trait in common - the passion to make a difference in the world. All of us share this passion and it's what drives us to work together.
Today, there is a growing population of potential members who are not even aware of what Rotary is or does. Those that do get it are unable to join for a variety of reasons, such as unable to commit to regular dinner meetings due to work and family commitments. Rotary has made many changes to combat this challenge such as the introduction of differing club models, relaxed attendance requirements, more meeting time options, etc. but we still need to actively promote these options and really to be honest, many clubs are extremely happy to stay with the dinner club model. To attract those who are not interested in the meals but have a passion for service why not offer and opportunity for a satellite club that can attract those in your local area with a new community focus and a different way to be part of Rotary.
This year, with members in mind, why not create a development and recruitment strategy by implementing methods your club hasn't tried before. Focus on happiness: happy members are those that are motivated to do good for the club. There are many ways to keep members happy. Sometimes just being asked means a lot, so in your next meeting, have every member anonymously write changes that they would like to see in the club which would make them happy. Such a simple act shows your members that you care about their presence in the club.
Did you know our District is looking for clubs to be a part of a new pilot program for strengthening our clubs?
We have expanded out membership team and shifted the focus. Thank you to the clubs that have taken up the challenge, but we need more. Is your club interested in being part of this pilot? If you are please contact Christine Williams at membership@rotary9820.org.au
What is the Membership Pilot?
  • It is a pilot project to support clubs who desire to grow their membership numbers and health.
  • It is an ongoing conversation with some of your leadership team
    • recommend President, President Elect, President Nominee and Membership Chair
  • To empower you to develop your club to be even more effective and generate new members
How it works
  • It is about you! – Your club, your context, your goals and your context (one size does not fit all)
  • We will get alongside you to support you to set some goals, strategize, discover insights and next steps for your club
  • It’s about action – your action
  • Each session you will determine a few action steps - you may be surprised how quickly you progress towards your goal
  • Each time we catch up we will review how you went. What went well, what you might ‘tweak’ and what is next
  • Each session will be via Zoom – an online meeting (a simple computer platform where the facilitator will send you a link)
What it isn’t
  • It’s not training – in training the trainer sets the agenda.
  • For this process you set the agenda
  • Its not authoritarian – we will be supportive, but you will be in control. The responsibility to decide and act is up to you
What is our hope
  • We hope there may be significant changes
  • Better clarity and insight for your club to move forward
  • Simple goals are set
  • More members in your club – enabling your club to create lasting change and make a difference in your community and throughout the world
District Governor’s Fireside Chats
You are invited to share a chat have a laugh find out about other happenings in the District, connect and gather ideas. Everyone is welcome and the feedback is that everyone has enjoyed being part of this relaxed chat. Join us online and invite your friends stay for 5 mins or for the hour and be able to connect to Rotarians from across our large district.
Nigeria Certified Polio Free
HELP US Celebrate make a special donation to the END POLIO campaign.
By now you will have seen the Facebook posts, the email from District, Rotary International website, Foundation website and the End Polio website. Nigeria has been certified as POLIO FREE 😊 Yippee, WOW, Amazing, AWESOME, Stupendous RIPPER, plus a myriad of other EXALTATIONS !!!!!!! African region has just been certified wild poliovirus-free.
You as Rotarians have played a significant role in eradicating Polio from around the world! Give yourself a massive pat on the back. If not for you, there would still be over 360,000 cases a year or more.
Sir Clem Renouf recently died, the father of the End Polio campaign!  A promise was made to rid this world of Polio!  HOW CLOSE ARE WE   - I cannot hear you!! YELL it out – THIS CLOSE!
Rotary has faced many challenges in its journey to eradicate polio. Amazing progress has been achieved, but more still needs to be done!! We will leave a legacy – eradication of Polio, they said it could not be done. As Rotarian we said, YES IT CAN, and we have gone about getting rid of it.
This milestone is an incredible public health achievement for Rotary members, the African region, and our GPEI partners, and a huge step forward on the road to global polio eradication. But we still have important work to do in order to eradicate wild polio in the last two endemic countries.
We need to raise a minimum of $50,000,000 yes fifty million dollars each and every year, till we rid the world of polio. I urge each and everyone of you and every club to put in a special donation to the end polio fight. Think of a figure and double it. This year the world polio day movie event will the I Am Woman the story of Helen Reddy. Watch this space for more information. (it will be difficult here in Victoria, we are trying to see what we can do!)
Thank you everyone for supporting each other. Look for those Opportunities because they are there just waiting for us to grasp them!