Hip Fracture Recovery
Rotarians aiding research - help with a study of hip fractures.
Not something we like to dwell upon, but hip fractures are a painful reminder of our bodies being not as resilient because of our bones getting older, so I believe. This one could be of interest to some of our members.
As a guest speaker at the recent District Fire Side chat, Sharon Allsop, nurse and PhD student at Monash University Peninsula Campus, spoke about her study and work with hip fracture recovery.
The hip fracture recovery study focuses on the experiences of discharge and recovery post hip fracture from the perspective of people having had a hip fracture and those who are close to them.
Sharon is primarily interested in people who have experienced fragility fracture, a break in the proximal end of the femur, from a fall from standing height.
Sharon is keen to hear from people from across our District as many studies have a large amount of data from city-based people, Sharon is keen to hear from those who are in our country areas, as their experience is often very different to city dwellers. 
The study is authorised by the Monash ethics department and all information will be de-identified. 
The study involves a 1:1 interview lasting approximately 30-45 minutes, it can be done face-2-face or via Zoom.
If you would like to be part of the study, please email  Sharon.allsop1@monash.edu  yes you have read that correctly allsop1 and correct there is no .au after edu
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